October 28, 2003

Fo snizzle wizzle! Adam Sandler and Snoop Dogg at the MTV Music Awards 2003 Comments Off

Click on the link with ‘Snoop Dogg and Adam Sandler’. I might be catching on to this whole trend a little late late, but snizzle im just a dizzle looking to chizzle with the hizzle rizzles.


The Keeper of Lists! Comments Off

Have you seen the keeper of lists site yet? This place is hilarious… and not intended for the prudish or easily offended. This site is like David Letterman’s Top10 Lists when taken as far as it could possibly go. P

We’ve been passing these links back and forth around the office for weeks. Some of my favorite lists are:

Top 46 Rejected Dr. Seuss Books
Top 27 Pointless Software Application Features
Top 69 Things A Real Man Would Never Say
Top 39 Bumper Stickers for the Presidential Motorcade


October 27, 2003

Monday Morning Shout-Out Comments Off

Well, Jeffie is writing again (cheer!) and has a couple new blog posts up. However, I like this post from the peanut gallery the best. :)

You are starting to sound like the automated “phone-lady” at Telus. “We’re all really busy right now, but if you’ll just hang on a little longer….” Nobody gives a shit about the day job JP. Entertain me dammit!

Posted by Big Brother at October 21, 2003 08:30 AM

Zeldman and Co. have re-launched AListApart.com with a new look and new content. I fear I’m in the minority on this one but I don’t really like the new design… it’s just nice to have the site back up though. Good work guys.

Best known for their tragically hip bible design, off-da-hook anniversary parties, and hedonistic road trips… JSHDNFRD and and Adam Neilson have added another supa-star artist to their design team… Jeremy Crowle. Check out his profile and design portfolio.

October 22, 2003

Are you an artist? Do you want to be? Comments Off

“Do you love to paint? Or maybe just draw and doodle? You may have what it takes to be a professional artist!”

Those of you looking to make a career change into the world of design may want to check out this site. *snicker*

ART Instruction School International

Oh oh.. this one is even better.
*added Thursday AM

If You Can Point And Click With A Mouse, You Can Make $100,000 A Year Or More As A Desktop Graphic Designer

You don’t even have to be able to draw a straight line — the computer does everything for you.

You can work from home, set your own hours, and have every job be different and challenging.

I make a six-figure income even raising three children at home!

Read this letter and see if this career suits you, too. If it does, we might even give you your first job…


October 20, 2003

Monday Morning Shout-Out! Comments Off

25. Male. Lonely. Paul wonders why he’s described as ‘not marriage material’.

Tim has apparently redesigned his Breadcrumbs site this weekend. Lots of good stuff here including old favorites like the Lifetime Movie Title Generator and his State Quarter Collection.

Differentiate yourself from the dot snobs. The crew over at UGLY has added some great new rich media work in their portfolio. I heard they have capacity for 1 new client project before winter holidays. Get in line!

October 19, 2003

PBS Frontline: Truth, War, and Consequences and Chasing the Sleeper Cell Comments Off

When I’m hanging out online I love to watch TV in a little window on my screen in parallel with whatever else I’m doing. One of my favorite sites is PBS:Frontline. They have like about 25 full-length documentaries available to view online…. 1-2 hours each broken up into 4-6 segments. They just released 2 new ones this week.

Truth, War, and Consequences

Did America rush into a war in Iraq for which it was unprepared? Could the current volatility in Iraq have been prevented? And was the White House’s rationale for war based on faulty and exaggerated intelligence reports?

Chasing the Sleeper Cell

“In the past 24 hours, federal authorities have identified, investigated and disrupted an Al Qaeda-trained terrorist cell on American soil,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Larry Thompson announced on Sept. 14, 2002. It was a sobering announcement that sent shockwaves through America.

October 17, 2003

The Last Emperor – Kim Jong Il, North Korean Leader Comments Off

New York Times Magazine published a great new in-depth look inside life and legacy of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. A few paragraphs are pasted below… but the full text is definitely worth a read. It sounds like we’re going to be hearing lots more Dear Leader in next couple years.

The Dear Leader is a workaholic. Kim Jong Il sleeps four hours a night, or if he works through the night, as he sometimes does, he sleeps four hours a day. His office is a hive of activity; reports cross his desk at all hours. Dressed as always in his signature khaki jumpsuit, he reads them all, issuing instructions to aides, dashing off handwritten notes or picking up the phone at 3 a.m. and telling subordinates what should lead the news broadcasts or whom to dispatch to a prison camp. His micromanaging style is less Caligula, with whom he has often been compared, and more Jimmy Carter on an authoritarian tear.

The Dear Leader, as the North Korean media refer to him, wishes to be viewed as a modern leader. He has boasted to visitors that he has three computers in his office, though it’s not known if he operates them himself or has aides who do so. His eldest son is reputed to be a computer whiz and, like sons the world over, is credited with bringing his father into the digital age. When Madeleine K. Albright, then the secretary of state, visited North Korea in 2000, Kim asked her, as he said farewell, to give him the State Department’s e-mail address.

Because of weakening eyesight, the Dear Leader rarely reads newspapers; for keeping abreast of world affairs, he relies on television. It is a safe bet that he is well aware of the uproar caused by his government’s confirmation, earlier this month, that it has begun making nuclear bombs from reprocessed plutonium. In a meeting a few years ago with a group of South Korean media executives, Kim explained that he began watching South Korean television in 1979. A media junkie, he also watches NHK from Japan, as well as CCTV from China and CNN. Having led his nation into chronic poverty and famine, what does he make of the enormous wealth he sees in the broadcasts and commercials? Full Text >>

October 16, 2003

10 Cool Things about OS X Panther Comments Off

The latest version of OS X from Apple is scheduled to be available on October 24th. O’Reilly Network has published a review of the hot new Mac operating system code-named Panther. The review touches on 10 interesting new features and upgrades, including;

1. Exposé, 2. Command-Tab, 3. Threading in Mail, 4. Fast Preview, 5. The New Finder, 6. Safari Rendering, 7. Font Book, 8. File Vault, 9. Secure Erase Trash, 10. Active Directory Integration.

I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl. Cheetah was horrible, Puma at least got me up on Office, Jaguar was pretty tight but Apple’s users are looking to be reinspired. Hopefully Panther can do it.


October 15, 2003

A World of Headlines: Images of the Front Page of Newspapers from Around the Globe Comments Off

I found a cool new site last night to help feed my addiction for world news online. A site called newsuem scans and compiles the front page of 260 newspapers from 32 countries. It’s really interesting to compare what makes front page, headline news in different regions.

Great Falls Tribune – Great Falls, USA
China Joins Elite Space Club

Winnipeg Sun – Winnipeg, Canada
Tot Mauled to Death by Pack of Wild Dogs

October 14, 2003

誕生日おめでとうJudah! Comments Off

tonight we celebrated Judah’s 2nd birthday by taking him to our favorite sushi resturant. he doesn’t eat much sushi, but he loves it when I pick the tofo out of my miso soup for him.

Sierra on the other hand.. kept ordering tako nigiri (octopus sushi). She also ate some raw tuna…

Happy birthday Judah. 誕生日おめでとうJudah… あなたは最もよい未加工魚だけの価値がある息子である。Sugata!

Plaxo Contact Management for My Windows PC Comments Off

I finally hopped on the bandwagon and signed up for Plaxo. It’s a great little contact management tool that is going to allow me to sync up my info across multiple computers and platforms.

If it works as planned everyone reading this should receive a Christmas card for the first time in a few years.

Testing Testing 1 2… 1 2 3 4. Comments Off


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