March 15, 2004

ACHTUNG!! – An Open Apology for Hijacking the Burnkit Team Comments Off

Thank you for your attention. This notice serves as a formal apology to BURNKIT customers, Joshua’s girlfriends, Adam and Jer, and all other inconvenienced by the fact that for the next 2 weeks I own JD’s soul and he’ll be living a ‘nocturnal lifestyle’ as we race to pull together the video for this years Retail Connect in San Diego, California. Thank you for your understand, and I will return him to you richer, smarter, and hopefully in one piece.

Check out last years vids – 1 | 2 | 3

March 10, 2004

*Desktop Love – New Site by Designer, Hood-Rat, Luminary, Bartender, Artist and Friend Jeremy Crowle Comments Off

Designer, hood-rat, luminary, bartender, artist, and friend… Jeremy Crowle has launched a new personal site called *desktop love. Check out his ramblings and his art, and if your in the Vansterdam any time soon be sure to look him up.

He’s got me thinking about the concept of living a fraglie lifestyle… which he describes as… “Its sort of a nickname for a new way of living. The composition of your envirnoment, and the fact that nothing ever gets fixed unless its broken. Its good to be broken, and open to the friction of another rock beside you.” w0rd!!

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