June 8, 2004

Krug Pump Products – My Grandpa Invented the Piston Type Hand Pump Comments Off

This is the liquid petroleum pump my granddaddy invented.

When I was growing up my Dad used to tell me a little bit about my grandfather being ‘an inventor’. I’ve always had an interest in building and designing things so the idea of him being an inventor has always excited me and made me really proud even though it wasn’t very tangible to me.

He invented a device for manually pumping liquid petroleum. It’s commonly used on small farms to move things like propane from their main tank to smaller vehicle based tanks. It also turns out that 58 years and several owners later, the company (that still bears his name) is still very relevant and the pump he invented continues to be their strongest product. Over the years, sales shifted from domestic US to international where there are so many areas that do not have electricity and LP gas is still pumped by hand. My dad told me that he remembers even back 30 years ago that his dad was surprised the product was still as popular as it was.

This is the liquid petroleum pump my granddaddy invented.

Recently the company upgraded their website which is how I tracked them down. Maybe they’ll let me do their logo next as a little pro bono work. :)

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