Blog Widow TShirts Available

Blog Widow TShirts Available Darren and the Northern Voice crew made some very clever tshirts for the conference, but demand exceeded supply. Now, he’s going to do another run of the “Bloggable” and “Blog Widow” shirts for those who want to buy one.

Rumour: Yahoo! has bought Flickr

Rumour: Yahoo! has bought Flickr Om Malik reports for Business2 that rumours are flying in Silicon Valley that a deal may have been struck between Yahoo! and Flickr for an undisclosed amount last week. The same rumour has it that Yahoo! are holding off on an official announcement untill

PodCast – Mp3s of the Northern Voice Presentations

From Blogosphere Radio… Interviews and Comments: We walked around the conference venue talking to various people, getting their thoughts on the conference! Hosted By: Mack, Megan Duration: 0:19:33Lightning Tool Talks: A number of different speakers gave demos on their favorite blogging-related tools. Hosted By: Mack, Megan Duration: 0:44:15Panel: Working with Multimedia Content: This session included Read More …