February 28, 2005

Fonts and Type at Flickr Comments Off

Here’s a list of groups and tags over at Flickr that you’ll dig if you’re a typophile like me. :) Warning: the following links can be addictive.

Groups: Great Signs, One Letter, Ransom Note Helper, S!gns, Typœgraphy,
Tags: Font, Graffiti, Sign, Signage, Type

Create a free account while you are there so you comment on the photos… and if you do create an account, you should add me as your contact.

Thx Joey!

Ten Best Intranets of 2005 Comments Off

More and more companies are treating their intranets as productivity tools and are investing in improving their design’s usability instead of leaving the intranet to grow as it may.

Tips for New Bloggers from a Blogosphere Kingpin Comments Off

“Portrait Glow” Photoshop Technique on Flickr Comments Off

Cool little portrait effect tutorial built in Flickr.

Watch the Entire First Episode of Battlestar Galactica Online Comments Off

SciFi Channel ‘gets it’ and has released the first episode of the best SciFi show on TV on their website.

Rappers and Bloggers – Separated at birth! Comments Off

Josh Levin, in a humour piece for Slate, compares blogging to rapping: “Essentially, blogging is sampling plus a new riff. Political bloggers take a story in the news, rip out a few chunks, and type out a few comments. Rap songs use the same recipe: Dig through a crate of records, slice out a high hat and a bass line, and lay a new vocal track on top. Of course, the molecular structure of dead-tree journalism and classic rock is filthy with other people’s research and other people’s chord progressions. But in newspaper writing and rock music, the end goal is the appearance of originality—to make the product look seamless by hiding your many small thefts. For rappers and bloggers, each theft is worth celebrating, another loose item to slap onto the collage.” (Remixed via Richard!)

Remixing Culture: An Interview with Lawrence Lessig Comments Off

“What do you get when you mix P2P, inexpensive digital input devices, open source software, easy editing tools, and reasonably affordable bandwidth? Potentially, you get what Lawrence Lessig calls remix culture: a rich, diverse outpouring of creativity based on creativity. This is not a certain future, however. Peer-to-peer is on the verge of being effectively outlawed. Continuation of the current copyright regime would mean that vast quantities of creative content will be forever locked away from remix artists.

Lessig is joining the battle for the remix future on several fronts: the court battle on the legality of P2P; another legal battle to free “orphan works” from their copyright gulag; rolling out new Creative Commons “sampling licenses” with the help of big-name artists like David Byrne; and supporting the “free culture” work of Brazilian musician and culture minister Gilberto Gil toward a society based on freedom of culture.”

Journalists Online Tools and Useful Sites Comments Off

Lots of cool investigative tools – people finder, acronym dictionary, domain name whois lookup, phone number search engine, reverse phone number lookups, etc.

Well We’re Movin’ On Up Comments Off

I have to say the Jefferson’s theme song kept going through my head this weekend as I toiled away moving this site from it’s Blogger roots to a new and improved content management system, WordPress 1.5.

For the most part I think the move was pretty seamless. There were a few spotty moments yesterday afternoon and evening, a broken RSS feed this morning, and a few refugees left back over on my old Blogger RSS feed. All in all, it could have gone a lot worse and I’m very excited to be up on this new platform.

I haven’t seen much written about it, but in my opinion the Blogger platform is going downhill. They haven’t added many new features lately, don’t support basic old blogosphere features such as trackbacks and pingbacks or categories, and when things break they generally are left unfixed. I’m sure Google has some uber-release up their sleeve or something but waiting around and hoping had become too painful. Blogger, thanks, it was fun while it lasted… you served me well. I promise to write.

February 27, 2005

Blog Widow TShirts Available Comments Off

Darren and the Northern Voice crew made some very clever tshirts for the conference, but demand exceeded supply. Now, he’s going to do another run of the “Bloggable” and “Blog Widow” shirts for those who want to buy one.

The new breed of “anti-design” websites Comments Off

This article by Corey Szopinski is a good summary of a trend I’ve been noticing for a while… the move towards simpler, cleaner, low glitz, no glamour designs and layouts.

“Maybe it started with craigslist, google or maybe ebay. Or if we go way back, it could have been unix itself, but 2004’s most popular sites have a nearly “anti-design” approach to online site branding. Gmail, Flickr, del.icio.us, and 43things are conspicuously devoid of design, yet are intensely popular because they focus on speed and serviceability.

File Formats for Digital Photography – JPEG, RAW, TIFF Comments Off

Here’s an excellent overview on the three main formats (.jpg, .tif, .raw) for saving digital photos on your camera and some of the pros and cons of each from one my favorite digital photography blogs, EarthBound Light. I know I’ve kicked around the the JPEG vs. RAW format encoding debate with photographer friends plenty of times since I’ve started shooting digital photos and this a great tutorial and overview on the basics for anyone getting more serious about digital imaging.

February 25, 2005

8 Easy Tips on How to Sell Your Book, CD, or DVD on Amazon Comments Off

Here are 8 great tips from the worlds most famous KK, Kevin Kelly, cofounder of Wired and author of Cool Tools. Kill Kool Records has the Black Tories CD coming out in March and am going to put it up for sale on Amazon there using this guide. Thanks KK.

February 24, 2005

I am Canadian, What am I Comments Off

A great post on what defines the ‘Canadian identity’.

Flickr Acquisition Poll Thread Comments Off

Who do you think will end up buying Flickr? How much do you think it will go for? When do you think it will happen?

Flickr Acquisition Poll – UPDATED Comments Off

The rumors of a Flickr buyout by Yahoo are flying all over the net. Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake posted today at Flickr central what sounds like a denial. Whether or not there is a deal signed at the moment, I’m guessing that it is just a matter of time before one of the big guys snaps up this startup. I mean, Flickr is the hottest thing on the web right now. Stewart has told me they’ve turned down some offers already.

So, in light of all the talk I want to start a little baby pool style poll here.

Who do you think will end up buying Flickr?
How much do you think it will go for?
When do you think it will happen?

UPDATE: Cute new logo guys. :)

UPDATE: In my coversion from the Blogger ghetto to my new WordPress penthouse, the comments got nuked from this thread. Here the are copied the old fashioned way for now. Click on the more button to reveal the comments. Will fix them eventually if I can. Feel free to continue the thread using this comment system now.

UPDATED – 3/08: Here’s latest on all the chatter from John Battelle. Experience tells me he’s not going to be wrong about this. I’m suprised it’s only going for twenty million. I thought it would go for more. They’re having tons of infrastructure problems but they have users, cash flow, data, meta data, and the software. “Rumors about Yahoo buying Flickr are getting to a boiling point, one source who pinged me (I can’t verify this) said it’s done deal at $20 million, $10 million now, $10 million on earn out. We’ll see….” Boris votes Google, I say Yahoo, and Will thinks Yahoo too.

THE ULTIMATE UPDATE: Done deal. Announced today. Yahoo! bought Flickr.

Caterina Responds to the Rumor that Yahoo has Bought Flickr Over at Flickr Central Comments Off

Rumour: Yahoo! has bought Flickr Comments Off

Om Malik reports for Business2 that rumours are flying in Silicon Valley that a deal may have been struck between Yahoo! and Flickr for an undisclosed amount last week. The same rumour has it that Yahoo! are holding off on an official announcement untill

PodCast – Mp3s of the Northern Voice Presentations Comments Off

From Blogosphere Radio

Interviews and Comments: We walked around the conference venue talking to various people, getting their thoughts on the conference! Hosted By: Mack, Megan Duration: 0:19:33
Lightning Tool Talks
: A number of different speakers gave demos on their favorite blogging-related tools. Hosted By: Mack, Megan Duration: 0:44:15
Panel: Working with Multimedia Content
: This session included panelists Mack D. Male, Jay Dedman, Peter Bull, Tod Maffin, Marc Canter and was moderated by Roland Tanglao. Hosted By: Mack, Megan Duration: 0:55:18
Panel: Promoting Your Blog and Building Traffic: This session included Jeremy Wright, Suw Charman, Derek K. Miller and Chris Pirillo as panelists and was moderated by Darren Barefoot. Hosted By: Mack, Megan Duration: 1:28:03

February 23, 2005

10 Steps for Boosting Creativity Comments Off

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