March 31, 2005

Business in Vancouver Mentions Bryght Comments Off

Re: The recent Ludicorp acquisition… “It’s a vote of confidence, because it’s empirical evidence…that we do have a kind of cluster of really interesting, smart people doing work in this area,” Kedrosky said.”

March 30, 2005

Techvibes Massive 2005 Notes Links and Photos Comments Off

The show was fun. I took a ton of photos but didn’t write anything during the day. I was really busy talking to people about Bryght and event blogging and stuff. We did 8!!! little audio segment/podcasts from our booth.

Robert Scales and Mark Yuasa – Raincity Studios
Michael Bernowski and Sam Kirk – BCIT Radio and Sam Kirk Designs
Jeff Hamilton - PBC Incorporated
Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo – Capulet Communications
Ken –
Pete Quilly – Adult ADD
Darren Little –

Massive 231

Here’s a couple good posts I found on the event and here’s a link to the photos in a set over at Flickr.

Your Technology Event Shouldn’t Make Children Cry
“I just returned from Massive, a technology trade show put on by the folks at Techvibes. It was held at Science World (recently and despicably renamed to TelusSphere) in downtown Vancouver, and featured a ton of booths and a few conference sessions. When I say ‘at’, I mean ‘throughout’—they really took over the place.

Science World, for the unfamiliar, is a great, interactive museum dedicated to science. My fellow geeks and I have many fond memories of attending as kids, and I still enjoy going every once in a while. Additionally, as it turns out, spring break bumped up against Easter this year. Apparently, as a result, lots of kids aren’t in school today. You can see where this is going.”

bryght-crew-post (5)

TechVibes Massive 2005, Quick Post – The Standard

“Robert and I attended TechVibes Massive 2005 new media conference at Science World today. It was pretty quiet in the morning, but by noon the place was packed from elbow to elbow. Science World is a circular building under a massive dome, with ramps that run up the perimeter. Think, budget Guggenheim. It was a bit of an awkward space but the participants eagerly filled every nook and cranny.”

Massive 643

We also BeerCasted tonight but I’m not done pulling that all together yet. Stay tuned.

UPDATED: Here’s a link to the Blogaholics post about Massive 2005.

Arjun’s notes on “Roman Bondarchuk – Marketing using the Internet”
For some reason still unfathomable to me, I didn’t get sleep before the Techvibes Massive 2005 conference. Although I attended 4 speaker sessions, I really only took notes for one of them. I did record audio of all 4 and will post them up likely tomorrow. The notes I took mostly involve my impressions of Roman Bondarchuk’s talk entitled “The Future of Database Marketing using Web and Email”. Roman is the CEO of a company called N5R.

Dry sounding title but a pretty earthshattering concept. In the age of the Internet, at long last, businesses are able to almost perfectly match people to products. We are able to sell stuff without making people angry about unwanted mail, telemarketing calls at dinner, and unwanted emails about body part enhancement. More important, we are able to make people feel special.

MASSIVE and Beercasting Comments Off

“The Bryght crew is going to be at MASSIVE, a local Vancouver technology tradeshow and exhibition and then we’re going BeerCasting at Subeez.”

March 29, 2005

Massive 2005, Vancouver – What to expect from Bryght Comments Off

PODCAST: Find out about Web 2.0, Bryght, blogs, RSS, etc. in person at Science World, March 30th.

New Canon Lens – 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Comments Off

Well I splurged today and went out and power shopped a new lens for my camera. I bought the 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM for my Canon 20d. It’s hot. In my opinion it’s one of the 2 best lens that Canon makes, and I have the other one. :)

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USMIt is huge and intimidating though. Not exactly spontaneous, but damn it takes fine photos. I’m going to be event blogging that Techvibes Massive 2005 event tomorrow and will be sure to break out the new lens lots and upload some shots.

Here’s a review on the lens (73 reviews actually) from FM Reviews.

“Incorporating Canon’s second generation Image Stabilization technology, this telephoto zoom responds in as little at 0.5 seconds, while providing up to three stops of correction for camera shake. Its AF system has been refined for better response time and tracking speed. And even the new 8-blade circular aperture offers a more pleasing out-of-focus image. Constructed to pro standards, this fast zoom is also highly resistant to dust and moisture, too.”

Matisyahu Bootlegs @ The Internet Archive Comments Off

March 28, 2005

Blogging as a Component of a Communications Strategy Comments Off

As more and more PR firms develop blogging “practices” and push blogging programs, I have to wonder: when we’re peddling the flavour of the month, are we taking into consideration the other entrees in the meal?

Kris Krug joins Bryght: We are now 6 Together Comments Off

I took a consulting gig with Bryght. Here’s the announcement.

I’ll Be Event Blogging and Taking Photos at The Industrial Designers Society of America Conference in Vancouver Comments Off

Core77 has asked me to event blog and photograph the upcoming Industrial Designers Society of America district conference here in Vancouver April 8-9th. Also blogging at the event for Core77 will be Bruce Tharpe and Stephanie Munson and also Marc Berger Chicago.

The conference theme is epitomized in the recent IKEA commercial that shows a lamp left out on an empty, dark street in the rain, as a voiceover chides, “Some of you feel sorry for this lamp. That’s because you’re crazy. This lamp has no feelings. Plus, the new one is much better!” This conference tackles a difficult paradox: as designers, we wish to create products that are valued and cherished for their beauty, yet the very nature of our work requires that we be constantly recreating and improving. And, the environmental impact of our work adds another aspect to this intricate topic.”

How do designers act in a meaningful way within this context? How do they create lasting, enduring design, which transcends the disposable culture that dominates the North American market?

Here’s the speaker lineup for the event:
Eames Demetrios, Eames Studio
Alan Boykiw, Emily Carr
Katherine Bennett, Art CenterInventables
Bruce Tharp, University of Chicago

MusicBrainz Comments Off

MusicBrainz is a community music metadatabase that attempts to create a comprehensive music information site. You can use the MusicBrainz data either by browsing this web site, or you can access the data from a client program — for example, a CD player

Top 10 BitTorrent Sites Comments Off

A list of 10 decent BitTorrent trackers, with some additional great sites listed in the comments. I miss the big ‘ole ones.

March 27, 2005

Bits On Wheels Comments Off

The Mac BitTorrent client with a live 3D view of your swarm.

Voyeuristic Vancouver Comments Off

“Sometimes I wonder if more happens… because I am watching….”

I think this is an art project and not the blog that it claims to be, but it is one of the most original web projects I’ve seen in a long time and worth a visit nonetheless. The premise of the site is that ‘Laura’ has been working as a security guaard at the Vancouver Art Gallery and has hacked into a security camera and is allowing users to control it via her personal blog. It’s got great audio and video and totally worth checking out.

“Information about the site is scare and a bit intentionally vague, but it appears as if this woman has managed to hook up one of the surveillance cameras at her job to her website, where you can control it. The detail in the feed is excellent and the zoom is phenomenal, the makings for a rather twisted voyeuristic addiction. It’s still dark in Vancouver right now, but I can’t seem to stop watching people in the street putting up signs and other odd happenings.”

The brains behind this project seems to be Janet Cardiff with technical help from Donald Goodes. A quick nerdy look at the source code uncovers her name in the keyword metatags, and a Google search reveals the ties between artist and site. Nice work guys.

Comox Valley Totem Poles Added to My Flickr Photoset Comments Off

A few months ago I started taking photos of all the totem poles I could find around Vancouver. I found about 7 so far, and there are several more I know of or have been told about that I haven’t had a chance to shoot yesterday.

This weekend was Easter and I took a few days off to spend with my family over on Vancouver Island, here in British Columbia Canada. There are several native reserves in the area and I’ve decided to expand my project to include all of BC (or maybe the Pacific coast since I’m headed to Seattle soon and the US/Canada designation is artificial in the context of First Nations culture anyway).

I’ve added several shots from this weekend to my photoset of totem polls over at Flickr that I’ve taken here in Comox. I think these carvings fall into the broad categroy of the Salish tribe, but I know there are some more family and regional specifics and I’ll try to get that info and post it soon.

Yesterday we headed up to Campbell River and found some amazing poles. I’ll be uploading those one later today. If you’re intersted you should subscribe to my RSS feed which includes all my photos. (If you’ve been hearing about this RSS thing and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about… check this out quick.)

Top 10 Trends to Watch in 2005 Comments Off

1. VOIP 2. China 3. Telecommuting 4. Offshoring 5. Expanding Markets 6. Tech Stocks 7. Smart Phones 8. Social Software and Blogging 9. Ecommerce 10. Flexible Software

March 26, 2005

DIY Screen Printing at Home Comments Off

Alright, I’ve finally had the time to “screen print” another shirt, so here’s the tutorial. Materials needed: a t-shirt, yucky/cheap paint brushes, an embroidery hoop, screen printing ink (I use Speedball brand), a glue that isn’t water-soluble (I use Mod

Resurrect Your Old PC for Music—with Linux Comments Off

Are you the kind of person who can’t toss out old gear? I know I am–though I must admit that embracing the art of junk-collecting has come in handy from time to time. For instance, this article will show you how to resurrect a tired old PC by installing

Comprehensive Listing of Tools, Plugins and Add-ons for Social Bookmarking Comments Off

Do you use the great new social bookmarking tool that is all the rage on the web? Essentially is a distributed way to bookmark sites you like, add keywords to them, and share them with your online friends and contacts. I use to power the sidebar of this site called “Links & Memes”.

For the more technical folks in the crowd you can slice and dice the whole database of links via tags and keywords, pull data from the site via a web-based API, and aggregate content other places on the web using RSS generated by

This morning I stumbled onto a great collection of tools over at for working with and looking at the trends that emerge when the whole online world is bookmarking interesting and popular websites.

  • New Search Tools for – offers multiple ways to search tags and bookmarks of yours and other users.
  • Trendalicious – is a near real-time view of website popularity trends as reflected by the social bookmarking service.
  • Delicious Linkbacks – Add the bookmarklet to your browser, then you can get a look at what users are saying about (or at least how they are tagging) nearly any web page with one click.
  • most popular treemap – a treemap of the most popular. [size = popularity, brightness = average age]
  • MySQLicious is a tool for mirroring bookmarks into a MySQL database.
  • loader – loads your Firefox bookmarks directly into your account.
  • – The Ruby script analyzes your links to generate a list of your favourite interests.
  • Delibar – it will be store all your bookmarks in the system bar so you can easily access at it by select the tag and the link.
  • – imports bookmarks into your WordPress blog.
  • Search plugin for Mozilla browsers – is a search plugin for that allows you to search your bookmarks.
  • HuntAndGather – is a firefox extension meant to provide for some nice functionality. It opens tabs corresponding to the latest URLs stored on given the desired tag with several search functions.
  • import script – a perl script which will import Netscape bookmarks file into
  • delicious-java – is a Java API for interacting with the social bookmarks service.
  • The Easiest Way to Publish Links on Your Site – how you can publish your links on your site.
  • delicious-discuss – is an all-purpose mailing list for chatting with other users.
  • Automatic filing with – file the current web page in the read_later category in one click.
  • WetasteA WYSIWYG digest tool for You may want more than just bookmarking on, not just the url and simple description, but the important part of the content you ever read (including pictures and it’s visual effect).
  • – creates ontologies for tags on
  • Backing up – A tool fro backing up your bookmarks. It helps to preserve your bookmarks for the ultimate day when suddenly dissapears and so do all your bookmarks and favourite urls collected over years.
  • tag search – look up links that are tagged with one or more subjects.
  • foxylicious - a Mozilla Firefox extension that syncs your bookmarks into your browser bookmarks.
  • – is a bookmarklet you can use it from anywhere to add your comments to your account. Once you’ve filled out the prompt, you’ll see your comment in a standard posting form: you can edit it if you like, or just press “save” to post it as is and be returned to the page you were originally on. You need to be logged in to your account before you can post. The default tag is “loquacious”.
  • extispicious - generates randomly juxtaposed tags, allowing you to draw your own meanings and revelations from the overlapping entrails.
  • – is tag filter for it produces a page with links from selected tags, allows to integrate links for one or more tags into an existing page, limited to a specified “freshness”, and comes with hundreds of options. If you are a WordPress user, it is also able to directly post into your database to, say, run the script daily at fixed hour and print links on a given subject right into your blog.
  • – is yet another posting interface with a dash of Javascript. It looks like the normal posting form, but has a couple of special feature like auto-completion in the tag box and suggestions of related tags you’ve used before.
  • – is a bookmarklet that allows selection of the text for the description of the link to add to your delicious links
  • Firefox plugin – integrates with Firefox.
  • Durl- is an RSS feed for URL queries. Enter a url to retrieve information about people who delicious’ed it. already provides this service, Durl completes that with an RSS feed containing those results and trend history graphs. You can also see a list of popular trends graphs.
  • – is a tool to find people who have bookmarked the same links you have on The purpose is to attempt to find people who may have similar interests as you do in a more direct way than using tags.
  • + Gmail – A script which runs once a day, crawls each link and sends an email to a gmail account with the ‘From’ field being the page url, the ‘Subject’ being the tags, and the body being a copy of the page.It helps to keep a cache of every page you bookmark just in case the page disappears. In addition to searching the page text, I can filter by tags by using an advanced search.
  • Tag Stemmer – Uses Porter stemming to show where you’ve made different tags with the same English word stem. You can use it to help clean up your personal fauxonomy.
  • delicious2safari – imports your bookmarks into Safari.
  • cocoalicious – A cocoa client for Mac OS X.
  • Sorting – a bookmarklet that will sort not just by total number of posts, but by the ratio of recent to total posts.
  • Pasta - is a plain text pasting service for
  • Experimental Posting Interface Thing Generator – a new posting interface for The new interface provides your tag list, a list of popular tags for the page you’re bookmarking, your full tag list, and some popular tags in general.
  • Mapping with Anthracite and OmniGraffle – a tutorial for creating visual exploration of tags, but not inclined to write custom Perl code to do so.
  • allows you to access the web service of via it’s API through python. This library uses only the standard python library.
  • Extended bookmarklets – to extend functionality.
  • Skinning – tips to apply skins to interface.
  • Delicious Link Checker is a perl script which will retrieve all of the users links and check them, reporting if they are still accessible, or the error code (and slightly more helpful message) if not.
  • Make your own Multipost Bookmarket Tool – Bookmarklet maker to allow one click submit to send sites to places like Furl or at the same time.
  • foaflicious – is an application for generating a FOAF file from your inbox.
  • Illogical Interface – different tag interface, for sorting larger collections of links (Still figuring its full use)
  • Backup with Excel – helps to backup your bookmarks in Excel 2003.
  • Delicious Mind Map Maker – this program will make a Clustered Mind Map out of your delicious entries and add the map to the list.
  • Oishii - is kind of a mini-zeitgeist. It polls the front page every 5 minutes, and returns all sites bookmarked by at least 30 people.
  • BookmarksToDelicious – is a standalone Python client for posting bookmarks from a file to the delicious
  • Bunnyhug Updater – an application that lets you download all of your bookmarks and save them on your local machine.
  • popular sites – displays the most popular new sites in last 24 / 48 hours and of all time.
  • Smart Tagging Plugin for WordPress – to add this capability to your WordPress blog.
  • – helps to find fresh bookmarks from various social bookmark managers like, spurl, and furl.
  • – faceted navigation of feeds.
  • Related Links in Your Sidebar – using RSS, PHP and Magpie.
  • Integrating Bloglines and – to easily post things you read in Bloglines to
  • Gnomolicious is an GNOME applet that help you post links on the site simply by drag’n’dropping them.
  • Services Delicious is a client for the REST-based web service of It allows you to select, add and delete your bookmarks from any PHP script. You do not need to worry about the XML that is sent or how to build the REST urls.
  • Graph subscriptions network – browse the network of users as defined by their inbox subscription lists.
  • Graph related tags – graphically browse related tags.
  • lists popular sites and stats, most of them pretty random.

300 Free Truetype Fonts You Should Have Comments Off

As a web designer, you know that Verdana can get real old real fast. But you also know that there are millions of free fonts on the internet and most of them are horribly bad. Here’s a secret: not all truetype fonts are bad. Some of them are quite classy.

Transparent Computer Screens Photo Pool @ Flickr Comments Off

Optical illusions created by photographing what’s behind your screen and using it as a wallpaper.

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