Case Study: How Yahoo! Uses Drupal

Case Study: How Yahoo! Uses Drupal Boxes and Arrows has a case study of how Yahoo! has selected Drupal to use internally.. Choice quote: “Ultimately, we chose Drupal because of its breadth of capabilities, powerful taxonomy, and extensibility.”

Bryght’s Boland Bradcasted!

Bryght’s Boland Bradcasted! Brad Gibson posted part 1 of an interview with Boris and Roland talking about the Vancouver scene, especially Flickr and the growing recognition of BC as a center of tech innovation in Canada.

Shopping Vancouver: 4 Favorites

Shopping Vancouver: 4 Favorites In the last 24 hours I’ve hoofed all over most of downtown Vancouver looking for hot retail and interesting products. This is a great little city with lots to see and do, but being the turbo consumer that I am, my focus was clear. Results after the jump.

Create your own Inukshuk!

Create your own Inukshuk! Flash game you can use to stack rocks and make your own Ilanaaq or create a new inukshuk, give it a name, and trademark it. Hope these guys don’t get sued the the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Committee who have copyright the Inuit symbol.

Nokia’s iPod Killer

Nokia’s iPod Killer. N91 in particular looks like it’s shooting straight for the iPod crown: 4GB hard drive, 3G, global GSM, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, USB mass storage, FM radio and a claimed 12.5 hrs of battery time”

Conversation with Vancouver 2010 Logo Designer, Gonzalo Alatorre

I also posted this on another blog that I write, If you only read the newspapers and watched the news you may have thought that the 2010 Vancouver Olympics logo was developed solely by Elena Rivera MacGregor, owner and principle of Rivera Design Group who was mentioned several times as the logo’s designer in Read More …

Web 5.0 Did I miss the Upgrade?

Web 5.0 Did I miss the Upgrade? “I’ve been seeing references to something called “Web 2.0″ — was there some sort of Internet upgrade while I was sleeping? Am I out of date? (Note for new readers- this is sarcasm) I see folks are aiming to define it precisely. While I accept, support, participate in Read More …

Concerning Crops

Concerning Crops Pesticides are good and/or bad. Organic is good and/or bad. And what about organic pesticides? Maybe organic might not even mean what you think it means. Let’s strap on our pesticide gear and grow something–or die trying!

Firm Opens New Blogistan Embassy

Firm Opens New Blogistan Embassy Following similar interest from media moguls and PR firms, the consulting firm Issue Dynamics, Inc. “has launched a formal Blogger Relations Practice and a companion website,” According to its press release, IDI has already provided “blogger relations” services to “Fortune 50 corporations, national trade associations, advocacy groups and political Read More …

A Whole New Interweb?

A Whole New Interweb? I hate the equation that $1 million in funding == EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES. It’s how you fools lathered yourselves into the last bubble. If your focus is on the neat technology shoehorned into some idea to make money then you’re going to be up to your ass in sock puppets again.

No WMD’s Found In Iraq (Again)

No WMD’s Found In Iraq (Again) The US CIA has corroborated the conclusions of The Iraq Survey Group, announcing that it had ‘exhausted its search’ for WMD’s in Iraq. But what should be of interest is that no evidence has been found that weapons of mass destruction were officiall

A Guide to the Blogosphere Jargon.

A Guide to the Blogosphere Jargon. A primer from Business Week on geek speak and the language of the blogosphere. Blogging: A Primer JOHANNES GUTENBERG This 15th-century German devised technology to manufacture books. Gutenberg failed as a businessman and died poor. Yet his printing press, involving movable type, gave birth to mass media — a Read More …

PODCAST: Jeff Tweedy and Lawrence Lessig’s “Who Owns Culture?”

PODCAST: Jeff Tweedy and Lawrence Lessig’s “Who Owns Culture?” Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy and professor Lawrence Lessig talk music, remixing, artistic freedom and the law. When Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy finally took his seat onstage at the New York Public Library, his attire contrasted sharply with Stanford professor and intellectual property lawyer, Lawrence Lessig. One Read More …