Does your Web Company own you?

Does your Web Company own you? Don’t let the Web design company own you. An “honest” Web design company will register the domain name in your name and add their information as technical contact only. By registering the domain name in your name, the Web design company won’t be able to

Yahoo Mindset

Yahoo Mindset Yahoo mindset is a very cool new demo tool from the Yahoo research labs for searching the Net that allows you to control results via a slider bar – Shopping search engine results vs. research search engine results

Who Wants Seth Godin to Be Their Intern?

Who Wants Seth Godin to Be Their Intern? I am heretofore challenging Seth Godin to intern his summertime at the next potential YoYowhatever that is trying to break through the clutter. Wouldn’t it be game changing if you applied a little of that marketing genius to ourmedia or Creative Commons?

Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas

Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas We all know someone that’s intelligent, but who occasionally defends obviously bad ideas. Why does this happen? How can smart people take up positions that defy any reasonable logic?

Web Apps are the New Black

Web Apps are the New Black There are two main advantages of web applications: 1) Zero installation and no upgrades for the user. 2) Access anywhere with an Internet connection (no baggage) The main benefits then are: they’re cheap to maintain and they empower users.

What is a photojournalist?

What is a photojournalist? A journalist tells stories. A photographer takes pictures of nouns (people, places and things). A photojournalist takes the best of both and locks it into the most powerful medium available–a single frozen image. Photojournalists capture “verbs.”

Completely Rethinking the Web

Completely Rethinking the Web The Web is broken. Sites are clumsy and not optimized for each customer. Interface devices are woefully inadequate. Despite the power of the Web and the potential of ever-evolving technology, our execution is collectively dreadful.


Godcasting Weekly church sermons that can be downloaded from the Internet and played on portable audio players have become the Podcasts most in demand, according to analysis of search results at

Next for BitTorrent: Search

Next for BitTorrent: Search Whiz kid inventor Bram Cohen is in the final stage of launching an advertising-supported search engine dedicated to cataloging and indexing the thousands of files for download over BitTorrent protocol.