May 31, 2005

Web 2.0 for the Web Developer Comments Off

Web Development isn’t a job – it’s 16 jobs. Coding, Design, Information Architecture, Scripting, and Usability are just a few I could mention.

New Coldplay album Comments Off

“X & Y” is now online and you can stream it here.

May 30, 2005

Read/Write Web: Web 2.0 and RSS services for hire Comments Off

I’m on the look-out for more part-time writing, analysis or consulting work. I can’t say too much about it here, but if you have any work opportunities for me – I’m available and I’d love to hear from you.

Does your Web Company own you? Comments Off

Don’t let the Web design company own you. An “honest” Web design company will register the domain name in your name and add their information as technical contact only. By registering the domain name in your name, the Web design company won’t be able to

May 29, 2005

Yahoo Mindset Comments Off

Yahoo mindset is a very cool new demo tool from the Yahoo research labs for searching the Net that allows you to control results via a slider bar – Shopping search engine results vs. research search engine results

Wedding Photo Checklist – “Must Take” Wedding Photography Shots Comments Off

I’m shooting my first wedding (for a friend) next weekend. I’m excited and nervous. It’s her big day and I want to make sure that I capture it well. I find most wedding photography cheesy and soulless. I definately couldn’t do it for a job. I’m hoping the photos have journalistic/artistic style to them and I think that is why Chris and Hans asked me to shoot them instead of the millions of other people they could have asked.

Anyway, I’m less worried about the actual photography than I am about some of the coordination and logistics. I don’t know what ‘posed shots’ to take. I’ve sat down with both of them briefly and talked a bit about their vision for things and what ‘must have’ photos they’ll want me to shoot. I’ve been doing a lil research online today of wedding photo checklists and wedding photography checklists on Google. I’ve compiled a hybrid one of my own based on the what I found others doing plus what I think would be intersting and unqiue and reflect Chris and Hans’ personality. I’m very open to suggestions and ideas and have just quickly hacked my own list together here based on parts found other places so if you have any tips please leave me a comment.

Wedding Photography Shots Before the Ceremony
Zipping up or buttoning the wedding dress
A close up of the bride’s shoes peeking out from under the dress
Bride looking into a mirror
Bride and bridesmaids putting on makeup
Groom tying tie
Groom looking into mirror
Portrait of father and bride
Portrait of mother and bride

Wedding Photography Shots At the Ceremony
Outside of ceremony site
Maid of honor walking down the aisle
Bridesmaids walking down the aisle
Flower girl and ring bearer walking down aisle
Groom waiting for bride
Close up of bride, just before she makes her entrance
Bride and father walking down aisle
The back of bride and father walking down the aisle – with the groom waiting in the distance
Shot of the audience from the bride and groom’s point of view
Close up of bride and groom saying the vows
Wide shot of bride and groom saying the vows
Close up of hands
The kiss
Bride & Groom walking up the aisle
Guests throwing confetti/rose petals/birdseed
Bride & Groom in back seat

Posed Wedding Photography Before the Reception
Bride alone (full length)
Groom alone (full length)
Bride with Maid of Honor
Bride with bridesmaids
Bride with parents
Bride & Groom together
Bride & Groom with parents
Bride & Groom with families
Bride & Groom with entire wedding party
Bride & Groom with flower girl and ringbearer
Groom with parents
Groom with best man
Groom with groomsmen

During the Reception
Bride & Groom arriving
Table setting
Bride & Groom’s table (head table)
Closeup of bride and groom’s place card
Wedding cake
Groom’s cake
The food
Bride & Groom’s first dance
Bride & Father dancing
Groom & Mother dancing
Dancefloor w/ guests
Bride & Groom cutting the cake
Bride throwing bouquet
Groom retrieving garter
Groom tossing garter
The getaway car

UPDATED: Ok, I got a couple wedding under my belt now and am feeling ok about it. I don’t think I’ll take on just any wedding gig in the future as they are a unique challenge, but I have set up a side business with a friend shooting events and portraits including weddings.

UPDATED: Here are a couple more great links on the topic of “Must Take” Wedding photos. Tips for Taking Great Wedding Pictures Like a Pro! Which Photos To Take At Your Wedding? 88 Must-Take Wedding Photos

May 27, 2005

Heather Champ Joins Flickr / Yahoo as Community Manager Comments Off

This is such a coup. Flickrborg assimilates Heather Champ. Good stuff. Seems like a perfect fit.

Who Wants Seth Godin to Be Their Intern? Comments Off

I am heretofore challenging Seth Godin to intern his summertime at the next potential YoYowhatever that is trying to break through the clutter. Wouldn’t it be game changing if you applied a little of that marketing genius to ourmedia or Creative Commons?

May 26, 2005

Flickr Farewell – Flickr Going Away Party @ The Alibi Room Comments Off

The Flickr crew is leaving Vancouver for sunny California. :(

Tonight they’re having a little going away party over at the alibi room in Vancouver. From what I hear there will be quite a few peeps there and it’s shaping up to be a lot of fun. The Raincity crew and I have to the work the Skindeep show for TatAd in Vancouver first, but we’ll be over there around 8pm or so. You should come out.

UPDATED: Psssst! Stewart says the tag for tonight is ‘flickrfarewell’.

UPDATED: Stewart, Catarina, George, Eric, and the rest of the Ludicorp crew are amazing hosts. Thx for a great night guys. It was great to hang and chat and I totally know what you mean about infinite white space. :p Look for photos from everyone except me in about 15-20 minutes.

UPDATED: Okay, and the shots are streaming in…

UPDATED: I lied. Here’s a few shots from the night. Thx again guys!

Ain't No Party Like A West Coast Party 'Cause A West Coast Party Don't Stop

Ain't No Party Like A West Coast Party 'Cause A West Coast Party Don't Stop

Ain't No Party Like A West Coast Party 'Cause A West Coast Party Don't Stop

Ain't No Party Like A West Coast Party 'Cause A West Coast Party Don't Stop

Ain't No Party Like A West Coast Party 'Cause A West Coast Party Don't Stop

UPDATED: Rachel’s goodbye post and links to photos. Arieanna’s photos and note. Roland posted.

Veerle’s blog Comments Off

Tips and info on how to make beautifully style calendars (or Bryght events modules).

Why Smart People Defend Bad Ideas Comments Off

We all know someone that’s intelligent, but who occasionally defends obviously bad ideas. Why does this happen? How can smart people take up positions that defy any reasonable logic?

May 25, 2005

Jordan Makes Videos Comments Off

This is the vlog (video blog) of Jordan, a 7 year old in British Columbia, Canada.

Web Apps are the New Black Comments Off

There are two main advantages of web applications: 1) Zero installation and no upgrades for the user. 2) Access anywhere with an Internet connection (no baggage) The main benefits then are: they’re cheap to maintain and they empower users.

What is a photojournalist? Comments Off

A journalist tells stories. A photographer takes pictures of nouns (people, places and things). A photojournalist takes the best of both and locks it into the most powerful medium available–a single frozen image. Photojournalists capture “verbs.”

May 24, 2005

I can drive semitrucks, fly airplanes, make websites, and speak Chinese… Comments Off

…but I can not (yet) figure out how to manage a Drupal site. And it’s not that I haven’t tried!

My New Favorite Photographers Comments Off

Nearly every time I go out to shoot I’m confronted with the cold hard fact that I don’t know a damn thing about photography. One day recently I realized the only ‘famous’ photographer whose work I could name and was more than superficially familiar with was Ansel Adams. I’ve decided this is unacceptable and that I need to plug into a few people’s work who I love and who draw me deeper into my own obsession. This is what I came up with…

David Lachapelle
James Nachway
Tim Petersen
Celesta Danger
Lorraine Daley

… I’m new to this so I reserve the right to hate them all next week, but for now these guys have opened my eyes and I’m feeling their work.

Who are your favorites? Who else should I be checking out? How do you expose yourself to new photography?

UPDATED: Ok… a couple months later I have a few more people to add to the list. Flickr people… Brian Milo and Kevin Meredith.

Completely Rethinking the Web Comments Off

The Web is broken. Sites are clumsy and not optimized for each customer. Interface devices are woefully inadequate. Despite the power of the Web and the potential of ever-evolving technology, our execution is collectively dreadful.

To really embrace the blogging world it will require a cultural shift from the status quo Comments Off

There has been a lot of talk recently about hired gun bloggers. With sites like Blogging Help and Event Blogging popping up there is a raised concern about how blogging should be handled within a business

May 23, 2005

Godcasting Comments Off

Weekly church sermons that can be downloaded from the Internet and played on portable audio players have become the Podcasts most in demand, according to analysis of search results at

Next for BitTorrent: Search Comments Off

Whiz kid inventor Bram Cohen is in the final stage of launching an advertising-supported search engine dedicated to cataloging and indexing the thousands of files for download over BitTorrent protocol.

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