July 11, 2005

Losability vs. Usability Comments Off

he rules of Web design can be summed up in two words: Whatever works. In other words, if your Web design is based on a strong business strategy, it sets its own standards. It’s like the siphon effect—you prime the siphon by drawing a little water thro

FlickrBits Comments Off

All stuff that’s Flickr but not Flickr

Drupal Hosting Options Comments Off

Bryght is a Drupal host, but we offer it as a managed and supported service. We should be on this page too.

Minimalist Photography As An Artform. Comments Off

Minimalism as an artform is the idea of reducing something to it’s most basic form including colour, shape, value, lines and texture – or lack of. Basically a reduction of form to only the essentials of geometric abstraction. Within this, no attempt is ma

stencilrevolution – the dark Comments Off

Vancouver streetart masta!

stencilrevolution – nokin Gallery Comments Off

Vancouver street art masta!

July 10, 2005

Dodging and Burning in the Digital Darkroom Comments Off

Dodging and burning are among the oldest and most time honored techniques in the traditional darkroom. While the way we dodge and burn has changed in the digital darkroom, the techniques remain as helpful as ever.

July 8, 2005

Boris Mann Speaks Geek to Michelle Mill of Global TV Comments Off

Boris Speaks Geek to Global TVMichelle Miller and her crew from Global TV swung by the Bryght office today to talk to Boris Mann about citizen journalism, blogging, podcasting, and web 2.0. He totally nailed it, walking them through the power of distributed hyper-local newsmakers and used the coverage of the London Bombings as an example. He showed them Flickr, Technorati, and NowPublic. You can read Boris‘ post about it over here at his personal site. The segment will air tonight on BCTV and 6pm and 11pm and then again tommorow on the morning news. Let us know if you see it or can record it… none of us have TVs. :)

Ourmedia Nominated for Global Award Comments Off

Ourmedia has been nominated as the US finalist for the UN World Summit Awards. The team at Bryght would like to congratulate JD, Marc, and all the great volunteers that helped put the site together. Now with over 26,000 members and still growing!

Magnificent Seven: Bryght gets a Music Czar Comments Off

Colin just started at Bryght this week, but we took him down to Gnomedex a couple weeks back for his initiation ritual. Of course, while some of us contented ourselves with getting yelled at by Microsoft, Colin decided to out our whole Backstage plan on v

July 7, 2005

8 Simple Rules for Making Those Big-Ticket Photography Purchases Comments Off

There are certain rules that you might consider for your future purchasing. I offer these strictly for entertainment value only and whatever repercussions you face from your better half is at your own risk

Steve Ballmer on Evangelism, Innovation and Maybe Halo 3 Comments Off

In discussing if anyone has out-innovated Microsoft, he fails to mention (and Robert fails to prompt him with) the obvious example–Apple. To his credit, he does recognize that Google has “done some interesting stuff”.

Leanne Chan, Rory Richards and Kris Krug Podcast from the Bryght Office Comments Off

Among the subjects discussed in the 7-minute podcast are how Rory and Leanne decided to join forces as well as their involvement with ROUGE, a benefit for women in the film industry (Urban Vancouver is a sponsor), which is a spinoff of Red Light Lounge.

I’m CD Swapping Comments Off

Get in where you fit in… Boris and I are doing the CD Swap 2.

Good Blog Consultants are Definitely More Than Just Implementers. Comments Off

Two guys sit down at a bar and start talking. One says to the other, “Hey, do you know how much hammers cost, and where I can buy one?” The other guy responds, “I dunno. I hear that a lot of people have hammers these days. What do you need it for?” “Well,

Drupal Ajax Usability Comments Off

Ajax Mistakes covers the top 10 things that I’d like to avoid when working with Ajax in Drupal.

July 6, 2005

Web 2.0 Definition From Wikipedia Comments Off

Web 2.0 is a term often applied to a perceived ongoing transition of the World Wide Web from a collection of websites to a full-fledged computing platform serving web applications to end users. Ultimately Web 2.0 services are expected to replace desktop c

Design for Web 2.0 Comments Off

15 questions to consider when figureing out what does design look like in a web 2.0 world. By Jason Kottke, Jason Fried, and Jeff Veen

July 5, 2005

150 Things You Can Do To Build Social Capital Comments Off

Social capital is built through hundreds of little and big actions we take every day. We’ve gotten you started with a list of nearly 150 ideas, drawn from suggestions made by many people and groups. Try some of these or try your own.

Eamonn’s Home: Flickring Families Comments Off

A good primer written for families who want to keep in touch using Flickr, written by Eamonn Sullivan. Useful tips.

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