Event blogging with Drupal

Event blogging with Drupal From Alex Samuel “This is Information Society Week in Capetown, and one of the events taking place is the first telecentre.org workshop to use the new Drupal-based event platform that I’ve helped develop.”

Booty Call…Should I Answer?

Booty Call…Should I Answer? Seriously…should I? Should I give in to the tempation that everytime I pass a mirror I have to turn my head ever so slightly to make sure the same booty that poured in to the Serfontaine jean in the morning was still able to pass the “other woman test.”

Canon 5d

The other day I blogged about the Canon 5d buzz I had been seeing on the web. Today Dave sent me a link confirming the rumor. Here’s the specs for the Canon 5d (in espanol). Anyone wanna buy my Canon 20d? I’m keeping my lenses though.

Choosing Drupal

Choosing Drupal With a fast-growing user base in the non-profit sector, Drupal’s strong online community focus made it an appealing prospect. Nonetheless we were concerned about documentation and interface issues and its wiki support.