September 29, 2005

Raised Voices Comments Off

Testimonies from the majority world on the effects of G8 policies have on their lives.

Playlist Module Released Comments Off

Over the last little while I’ve been working on a playlist module for Drupal. Farsheed was also working on a playlist module. So we have combined forces and now present to you the fruit of our labours: The new, improved, ass kicking playlist module.

Is “Fix it in Photoshop” A Valid Statement? Comments Off

My opinion on this has always been a very loud and clear, “NO!” There’s so much more to taking good shots than uploading something that isn’t so great onto your computer and changing it to become semi-okay.

Blue Flavor is Open for Business Comments Off

Congrats to my friends and Seattle guys Blue Flavor for getting their new company off the ground.

September 28, 2005

BitTorrent’s Grab at Respectability Comments Off

Its technology is beloved by illegal downloaders and file sharers. Now the outfit is raising venture funding in a bid to go commercial

BitTorrent for Dummies Chapter 1 and Table of Contents Online and Available Comments Off

The BitTorrent book Susie and I wrote is done, printed and bound and ships to stores next week. You can pre-oder Bit Torrent for Dummies at Amazon now. The first chapter and the index and table of contents are available online now over at Wiley. Check it out and let me know what you think. If you want an advanced review copy drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do get something in your hands ASAP.

Lead Generation via Myspace Comments Off

I talked about how blogs have been a great lead generation tool for us. For reaching promoters, event planners and bands, Myspace is amazing. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Open Source CMS Evalation – Part III: Implementation Comments Off

In my last post, I narrowed my open source CMS candidates down to Joomla and Drupal. I was hoping to have a choice made by Monday morning, implement the design in the morning, and populate the content in the afternoon. Two days later and I’m now where I

Building a website with an Open Source CMS Comments Off

I think the open source community has done an excellent job of figuring out how to create frameworks for developing web applications. But what about websites. You know, the web presence that every company wants – for minimal cost. For most companies, it’s

Open Source CMS Evaluation – Part I: Installation Comments Off

Today I began my journey in evaluating Open Source CMS applications. The motivation for this adventure can be found in my post titled “Building a website with an Open Source CMS”. Basically, I’d like to find a good solution to build small-to-medium size w

Open Source CMS Evaluation – Part II: Customization Comments Off

This is the third and final post in my quest to find the best open source CMS for my needs. Previous posts include Building a website with an Open Source CMS and Open Source CMS Evaluation – Part I: Installation. Based on these two posts, reader feedback

Raincity Studios Party! Comments Off

Raincity Studios would like to invite you and a guest to attend our one-year-belated-studio-launch-party!

September 24, 2005

Web of Change Photos on Flickr Comments Off

Well, the internet came back for an hour or so and I was able to get some photos from Hollyhock and Web of Change online. Here’s a bunch from the photoset over at Flickr.

Breakfast @ Web of Change @ Hollyhock on Cortes Island Breakfast @ Web of Change @ Hollyhock on Cortes Island Breakfast @ Web of Change @ Hollyhock on Cortes Island Breakfast @ Web of Change @ Hollyhock on Cortes Island Breakfast @ Web of Change @ Hollyhock on Cortes Island Web of ChangeWeb of ChangeWeb of ChangeHollyhock on Cortes Island Sarah PullmanAndrew HoppinRob CottinghamInterra Project @ Web of ChangeGreenpeace @ Web of ChangePhil Djwa Gabe Phil @ Web of Change Desolation SoundPhillip Djua

September 22, 2005

Cheetah Sighting Comments Off

Brian spotted a cheetah tonight here at Hollyhock.

Top 10 Marketing Initiatives for Civic Space Comments Off

We had an awesome case study session today with Jason Mogus from Communicopea and Andrew Hoppin of Civic Space here at Web of Change on Cortes Island. The premise of the conversation was what can CivicSpace do to improve their marketing and evangelism efforts and many of the suggestion apply directly to Bryght and Drupal too. Here’s the tips the room gave on how to move forward with communications, marketing and messaging.

Web of Change

1) Build CivicSpace as a brand. Solve the identity crisis and resolve the Drupal/CivicSpace confusion in the market.
2) Gather and post user/client testimonials. Who is using it and why?
3) Usability – needs some usability love and so does that product.
4) Create more links and emphasis on the CivicSpace/Drupal consultant and vendor community.
5) Create an ecosystem of suppliers and vendors around the platform.
6) List the desireable features and functions front and center on the website.
7) Create a training and certification program to designate qualified ‘resellers’ and consultants.
8) Create more install wizards.
9) Develop marketing collatorel and sales sheets as well as other print documenation.
10) The Dean story plays well with users and adopters of the platform. Focus on it.

G’Morning from Hollyhock – Web of Change on Cortes Island Comments Off

*stretch* Just getting up after a big first night here at Web of Change. We had a great meal together last night and then spent a couple hours getting to know each other.

The crowd is amazing… big names that everyone will know are here… like Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and CivicSpace Labs, the Humane Society, etc… as well as lots of web and online people from various local, state and federal politicians and governments. People came from as far away as Amsterdam with big concentrations of peeps from NY, DC, SF, and Vancouver. Some other interesting random demographics (that I haven’t figured out whether to place significance in or not) are… everyone here is less than 50, and I bet only a handful are in there 40’s, the group is split between viewing technology as the problem or the solution, everyone has a(t least one) website, everyone has a cause, the group is half female, 90% of us are white, and I don’t think anyone here likely voted for George Bush.

Hollyhock on Cortes Island

70 of us or so walked in the dark up to the ‘drum circle house’… a new structure built here at Hollyhock to accommodate the Nigerian drummers who spend a lot of time teaching here. We sat around on the floor and went around the room and each of us took a minute or two to introduce ourselves. Jason was smart… we can read each others bios online and probably already have. Save the formal, scientific description of your skills and exploits for your resume… tell us your name, where you live, and what is ‘rocking your world’. It was cool to hear everyone get passionate about something and made the session a lot less boring than most icebreaker meetings that I’ve been to.

Pretty much the rest of the night was spent bouncing between the gingerbread house, the clothing optional hot tub, and the smoking temple… but you’ll have to ask Phil, Leda, and Alex about that.

September 21, 2005

Cortes Island Comments Off

I just arrived on Cortes Island for the Web of Change conference. For the record this place is 3 ferries away from the mainland (Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, Campbell River to Quadra Island and then Quadra Island over to Cortes Island). This is definately the most remote spot I’ve been to since living in Yellowstone.

Cortes Island Map

People are still arriving and I’m about to wander down and find some (vegetarian dinner). I’m excited… and a lil bit nervous… about the days to come. Themes of this event seem to be hippies, eagles, synergy, un-connected-ness, yoga, granola, sticking the word community in front of anything, hot tubbing, geekery and winning the 2008 US election. More to come later tonight.

September 19, 2005

Web of Change Comments Off

(cross-posted from my Bryght blog)

I’ll be going to Web of Change on Cortes Island here in British Columbia on Wednesday. Web of Change is an annual gathering that connects global leaders in online communications, technology, and activism, who are actively building a better world.

"Web of Change is an invitational gathering for networked leaders from NGO’s, foundations, and the business world that are using the web to build relationships and inspire people to take action towards social change goals. We are the people leading change online and transforming the world through our work. Many participants return annually for trend-spotting, inspiring keynote speakers, to connect with like-minded peers, and tap into the humour, fun and creativity of this exceptional network."

The themes for the event are:

  • Collaboration Culture
  • Relationships and Networks
  • Branding and Storytelling
  • Open Business and Campaign Models

I’m excited to take a few days out with such an amazing group of people (including friends like Alex, Rob, Kaliya and Phil) and talk about how we can use the power of technology and the internet to connect, share, inspire, and change the world.

September 16, 2005

Northern Voice + Moose Camp Comments Off

The site for Northern Voice 2006 website has just been launched. Northern Voice is a grassroots personal publishing and blogging conference held here in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Northern Voice and Moose Camp

Last year it was awesome and many people who atteneded said it was the best conference they went to all year (and I hang with people who go to a lot of these things). It will be 2-days this year and will cost $30 per day or $50 for both days.

Expect to hear lots about DIY publishing including blogging, podcasting, videoblogging, and other social software and web 2.0 geekery. The 2006 confence will be held on February 10th and 11th which is a Saturday and Sunday.

As the date draws closer we’ll be looking for speakers and sponsors. Check out the fancy new site and get in touch if you want to be a part of it.

Here’s my photos from Northern Voice 2005.

Go sign up for Northern Voice now and make sure to get one of the super cool ‘Bloggable’ tshirts. Darren, you gonna do ‘Blog Widow‘ ones again this year too?

Here’s what some peeps had to say about last year’s Northern Voice.

What I learned most from the conference wasn’t about blogging or RSS or audio and video—most likely because I’m a multimedia blogger. What I did learn was about people, culture, and families.

– Eric Rice

“Looking back on Northern Voice, I have really good things to say. Like I’ve written before about such events, it’s the people, not the content that makes it good. Don’t get me wrong, the content was great–but getting a chance to meet the people you read is invaluable and the new connections –-priceless.”

– Lee LeFever

Props to the organizers of the conference for doing a great job of putting together an interesting day. Great speakers, some nice panels, a chance to put faces and voices to some of those ‘net people (Eric Rice, Suw Charman, Robert Scoble and others).

- Mark Hamilton

“The bottom line is Northern Voice was well organized, had all the amenities a blogger could ask for, had diverse, informative speakers and panels, provided information of use to podcasters and bloggers alike and was priced so that just about any blogger of any financial level could attend. Well done to all involved and responsible! Grade: A”


“I enjoyed myself this weekend at Northern Voice. My only wish is that it could’ve lasted longer. I didn’t have time to meet and greet everybody, and I certainly didn’t have enough time to talk at length with those I did meet.”

– Chris Pirillo

“Northern Voice has set a high bar that other conferences are going to have a hard time surpassing.”

– Suw Charman

“The organizers did a great job — there wasn’t chaos, but things weren’t over produced, either. By keeping the conference affordable, they made it possible for a different type of person to show up and find out what all the fuss was about. Northern Voice also reinforced my conviction that the smallest conferences are the best. I know that I’d show up for another one.”

- Ted Leung

“I’ll also remember Northern Voice for the people I met for the first time. I enjoy discovering the blogger behind the blog and having a chance to chat face to face.”

— Julie Leung

September 12, 2005

So…. Opus goes live silently Comments Off

After months and months of development Project Opus is finally ready to let some people poke around and see what they’ve been up too! A music portal based on Drupal.

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