October 28, 2005

Google Maps on Your Website Comments Off

There’s only one thing on the net cooler than Googleâ„¢ Maps. What could possible be cooler than that? Putting an interactive map on your own website.

Captain AJAX Presents at Vancouver Film School Comments Off

Andre Charland - Captain AJAXLast night I went to VFS and listened to Andre Charland from eBusiness Applications give an overview on AJAX and the whole web two dot oh movement. It was a good talk and the most in-depth coverage of AJAX I’ve heard. He spent less time talking about the technology and more time talking about the business cases for using good interaction design principles and components when developing web-based software. Andre’s got a customer list of Fortune 500 companies an arm long and it’s not suprising with some of the ROI metrics he’s able to demonstrate. In addition to an awesome introduction to AJAX Andre also offered all the students in crowd a free liscence of their Grid Control and Web ComboBox products which is worth $400 bucks or so. Way to represent ‘Dre. :)

Breaking The Curse Comments Off

Tomorrow I’m finally going to break the curse and leave North America. I’m 28 years old have traveled lots and lots around the States and Canada but have never left the continent. So after much ado and a couple planned trips that ended up failing through for one reason or another I’m finally off to see a lil bit more of the world.

YVR >> LHR >> LGW >> EDI >> LHR >> YVR

I’m going to be flying from Vancouver to London on British Airways. I’m going to hang in London for a few days and explore and take pictures and meetup some old friends like Andy and Suw and some new friends like Sarah and Max. Then I’m headed up to Edinburgh for a weekend, then back to London, and then home to YVR. What should I do while I’m there? What should I see? What is your fav resturant/pub/museum/gallery/club that I just can’t miss?

I’ll be gone for 9 days. I’m sure I won’t have access to my cell phone at all so email will be the best way to get a hold of me (or Flickr). I’ll be working some and playing some so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need me.

October 27, 2005

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Comments Off

Introducing the Slackstreet Creative Group, a private, new media agency and creative co-operative.

Bryght and Early Comments Off

What time zone is Qatar? GMT 3 for the record.

October 26, 2005

Static takes photos for Vancouver DJ – Jay Parsons Comments Off

DJ Jay Parsons has been spinning for years but has just recently made Vancouver his hometown and we’re happy to call him a local. We’re also happy that he called static when he needed photos done for his album cover.

Other Places on the Web I Hang Out Comments Off

There are several social software sites I’ve been tinkering with over the past year or so. Here’s a link to my profiles on the ones that are the most intersting. Flickr by far is my favorite and is the only one where I actually spend a lot of time. Last.fm is pretty amazing and doesn’t really require any time investment. LinkedIn is the most ‘professional’ of the bunch and MySpace seems to be the most ‘popular’. What are your favorites? What other sites are awesome?

Tribe.net Profile
Last.FM Profile

Feel free to connect with me on any of those sites if you’re a member.

Arctic’s “Amazed” Recorded Live on the ScotFree Comments Off

Marcus Martin, aka ARCTIC sent us the first song he performed on the ScotFree 88 last week, called “Amazed” (8 MB). Kirsten at Crows to Burnaby was the sound engineer and Dave the Urban Vancouver Intern interviewed Marcus (he’s already written a review of

October 25, 2005

Multi User Blog Tools – Overall Ratings and Reviews Comments Off

These are the final ratings of a broader review of the multi-user blogging solutions Drupal, Elgg, Manila, Movable Type, WordPress MultiUser and pLog. These particular applications were selected for review due to the authors familiarity with them, their p

Pig Roast 2005 Comments Off

A pig roast to celebrate Theresa’s 30th birthday and to bid farewell to Theresa and Daniel before leaving for Hogtown (Toronto, that is)

October 22, 2005

Vancouver User Guide Blog Feeds Comments Off

We subscribe to several syndicated news feeds from Vancouver-based blogs and display them here so we can read them all in one place. Clicking on a story title will take you to the author’s original blog entry.

Why Self Portraiture? Comments Off

Every photograph we make is part of a learning process. We turn our lens on our respective worlds, on the people who inhabit it, on the new places we discover, and on the scenes we’ve created. We find truth and we create fiction with our cameras. It seems a natural thing to turn the camera around and examine ourselves, or even to recreate ourselves.

Sam Sullivan Photo Used for the Cover of the Terminal City News Comments Off

My friend Ian King called me up this week and asked if I could drop everything and come take a photo of someone he was interviewing for the Terminal City News. Turns out the interview was with Sam Sullivan who is running for mayor in Vancouver. I took my Canon 20d but forgot my memory card so I decided to shoot expired slide film instead and to cross-process it. It actually made me happy that I forgot the flash card so that I had a good excuse to go analog and shoot something that I feel like is a little more distinctively my style right now. A couple of the shots turned out and it Ian ended up using this one for the cover. I think it would be fun to do more quick lil projects like this.

Sam Sullivan Sam Sullivan
The Terminal City cover.

October 21, 2005

Truck you! Video Podcasting, Second Life, Slackstreet and more Comments Off

Video iPods and iTunes TV Shows and their haters, Aperature, Seccond Life send a note to Spin Martin (Eric) or Commodore Gretzky (Josh); Bishop Walcott (tonyB) and Smash Gregoire (Grog), Eric’s new truck and mods, an announcement about Slackstreet.

Gastown Graffiti Project Comments Off

In an alley one block east of the Harbor Centre, between between Richards and Homer, running parallel to Hasitngs.

Please go and vote for our Web 2.0 Manifesto over at ChangeThis! Comments Off

Some friends and I decided that we want to write a Web 2.0 manifesto over at ChangeThis. We submitted our proposal to the ChangeThis team and they accepted!

Min Jung Kim Interview Comments Off

We’ve been meaning to interview friend of SFist Min Jung Kim for a while now. We met her way back in the day, when we were regular noobs. Numerous tech conferences, Korean barbecue feasts, nights of karaoke and episodes of Iron Chef later, we’re still in

October 19, 2005

Book Review – BitTorrent For Dummies by Susannah Gardner and Kris Krug Comments Off

Basically, an interesting book on a technology that is redefining how content is controlled and distributed in the digital world. If you want to know how to make it part of your world, it’s worth reading…

October 17, 2005

A Neo-Techie’s Morning Comments Off

High-tech cool’s now about capacity: not the gadget’s but the user’s.

Flickr: Photos from kk+ Comments Off

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