Google Maps on Your Website

Google Maps on Your Website There’s only one thing on the net cooler than Googleâ„¢ Maps. What could possible be cooler than that? Putting an interactive map on your own website.

Breaking The Curse

Tomorrow I’m finally going to break the curse and leave North America. I’m 28 years old have traveled lots and lots around the States and Canada but have never left the continent. So after much ado and a couple planned trips that ended up failing through for one reason or another I’m finally off to Read More …

Static takes photos for Vancouver DJ – Jay Parsons

Static takes photos for Vancouver DJ – Jay Parsons DJ Jay Parsons has been spinning for years but has just recently made Vancouver his hometown and we’re happy to call him a local. We’re also happy that he called static when he needed photos done for his album cover.

Arctic’s “Amazed” Recorded Live on the ScotFree

Arctic’s “Amazed” Recorded Live on the ScotFree Marcus Martin, aka ARCTIC sent us the first song he performed on the ScotFree 88 last week, called “Amazed” (8 MB). Kirsten at Crows to Burnaby was the sound engineer and Dave the Urban Vancouver Intern interviewed Marcus (he’s already written a review of

Multi User Blog Tools – Overall Ratings and Reviews

Multi User Blog Tools – Overall Ratings and Reviews These are the final ratings of a broader review of the multi-user blogging solutions Drupal, Elgg, Manila, Movable Type, WordPress MultiUser and pLog. These particular applications were selected for review due to the authors familiarity with them, their p

Pig Roast 2005

Pig Roast 2005 A pig roast to celebrate Theresa’s 30th birthday and to bid farewell to Theresa and Daniel before leaving for Hogtown (Toronto, that is)

Why Self Portraiture?

Why Self Portraiture? Every photograph we make is part of a learning process. We turn our lens on our respective worlds, on the people who inhabit it, on the new places we discover, and on the scenes we’ve created. We find truth and we create fiction with our cameras. It seems a natural thing to Read More …

Min Jung Kim Interview

Min Jung Kim Interview We’ve been meaning to interview friend of SFist Min Jung Kim for a while now. We met her way back in the day, when we were regular noobs. Numerous tech conferences, Korean barbecue feasts, nights of karaoke and episodes of Iron Chef later, we’re still in