November 23, 2005

The Right’s of Photographers (when shooting in public places) Comments Off

I carry my camera with me everywhere I go. I know I’m not alone on this because as photographers we know that the greatest shots often come at the least expected times and I never want to be unprepared for those great moments.

Flickr Favourites: Why? Why? Why? Comments Off

What makes one person’s pictures stand apart from another or even what makes one shot of someone’s stand apart from a similar shot by the same photographer.

November 22, 2005

Remixing the Web for Social Change Comments Off

Net2 is an online and offline community created by TechSoup, a project of CompuMentor. We’ve helped nonprofits access direct assistance, web-based knowledge and articles, and donated technology products for 18 years.

Upcoming Events I’m Involved With Comments Off

This post is overdue. Here’s a few links to some upcoming coming events I’m speaking at or otherwise involved with helping plan or sponsor.

Blogs N’ Dogs – 3 day blogging masterclass and uber-geekout at the Banff Centre for New Media. December 4-8th.

Open Source CMS and Blogging Tools Summit – Just announced by Boris, a open source tools conference and working session. February 7-8th.

Northern Voice – 2nd annual personal publishing and technology un-conference here in Vancouver. February 9-10th.

NetSquared – A face-to-face conversation about how nonprofits and non-governmental agencies can best use the web to achieve their missions. April 2006.

Also Bryght will be exhibiting and throwing a big party with some other Web 2.0 peeps at SXSW in Austin March 10-19th 2006.

Announcement: Open Source CMS and Blogging Tools Summit, Vancouver, February 7 – 9, 2006 Comments Off

This is the official first post announcing planning of the Open Source CMS and Blogging Tools Summit. I’m taking the opportunity of the Northern Voice conference (and especially the spirit of Moose Camp) to try and put together a mini-conference of a vari

FairSource: Model for Sustainable Trade in Services Comments Off

FairSource is a standard and innovative business model for trade in services based on principles of fair trade, access to opportunity, and sustainability.

Green Business? Go Carbon Neutral!!! Comments Off

ifPeople recognizes that human contributions of carbon to the atmosphere represent a serious threat to global climate stability, with potential consequences in terms of human health, ecosystem survival, and society’s stability. For that reason, we have co

November 21, 2005

A Tagsgiving dinner Comments Off

How can we possibly thank our favourite Drupal wizards for all they’ve done for Social Signal and its clients? Well, since you did so much to make our feeds work, the very least we can do is put on a feed for you.

November 16, 2005

FloatLeft – Design and Web Development for Non-Profits Comments Off

atleft is an organization offering high quality, affordable design and web development solutions for nonprofits. We’re a socially conscious group of independent professionals providing a hands-on approach to supporting organizations in effecting social ch

XML Conference 2005 – Presentin’ and Representin’ Comments Off

Kris and Roland are XML Conference 2005 in Atlanta representing and presenting. Roland spoke on RSS Remixing Past, Present and Future (PDF) and Kris is giving a Bryght overview talk tomorrow. We’ve had great conversations about Bryght and Drupal with the

November 11, 2005

In A Moment of Jet-Lagged Weakness Comments Off

kk+ has no hair

I cut off all my hair. :(

50 flavorful, affordable wines Comments Off

Here are all the $10-and-under wines tasted, with notes for the whites and reds that made the tasters’ lists and others the group thought interesting. Countries of origin are included in parentheses, followed by the shop the wines came from (check your lo

From cells to bells, 10 things the Chinese do far better than we do. Comments Off

Ah, those clever Chinese. First they invent gunpowder and a few other essentials of modern civilization. Now they’re gunning their economic engines. Yet who would have thought that, after a millennium of poverty, they’d already do so many things better th

November 10, 2005

When do you use a forum, a blog, Jotspot, Writely, a wiki, or a full web 2.0 platform? Comments Off

I’m working on a lot of projects lately that have caused me to ask this question and to try to get really clear on what each tool does and does not do well so that I can use the appropriate tool for the task at hand. Here is what I have come up with so fa

New Black Tories E.P. Coming Soon Comments Off

we have are just finishing the final touches on our new e.p. tentatively titled: are you ready to die… it should be available sometime in mid-september. right now we are in full rehearsal mode for our fall blitzkrieg of the vancouver music scene. there

Church: 1, Lust: 0 Comments Off

The owner of a strip club says heÂ’s considering a six-figure offer from a church to buy and shut down the location. Bill Martin, owner of the Just Teazin club in Painesville Township, 25 miles northeast of Cleveland, declined Thursday to identify the chu

Zen and the Art of Powerpoint Comments Off

Like most people, I regularly assert that Powerpoint is evil. I often use it when I present, but I’ve been undertaking ongoing experiments to make it work the way it should. It should augment what I’m saying, as opposed to distracting from or summariz

Speak at Northern Voice 2006 Comments Off

No, really, we want people talking. Northern Voice 2006 is pretty much right around the corner. The official deadline is tomorrow* next week, Wednesday, Nov. 16th. So apply as a speaker. Remember, this is a very “open tent”, not necessarily über techie c

Opportunities, people, and tools Comments Off

Tools never change anything. It is people seeing opportunities and grabbing them with those tools that change things.

Blackcomb’s Opening Day Comments Off

It has begun… that time of year that we’ve spent the rest of the year day-dreaming about: deep powder, hot tubs, beer, or whatever else gets you going for winter. Whistler/Blackcomb’s 2005/2006 winter season opened this weekend with the best opening wee

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