Hubble Uncovers Smallest Moons Yet Seen Around Uranus

Hubble Uncovers Smallest Moons Yet Seen Around Uranus Astronomers have discovered two of the smallest moons yet found around Uranus. The new moons, uncovered by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, are about 8 to 10 miles across (12 to 16 km) — about the size of San Francisco.

However you want to say it…

However you want to say it… Wishing you and yours a Kickin Kwanza, Transcendent Solstice, Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday, the Season’s Best and a Snap-Happy New Year from Rhonda and Kris @ Static Photography

Drupal Developer/Business Meetup

Drupal Developer/Business Meetup The meeting is being convened to support communication amongst developers and the small businesses being built on the drupal platform. I am really open to your ideas about what to cover. Please contribute thoughts to the agenda

OCD Tech Dreams

OCD Tech Dreams Lately, particularly when sleeping in close proximity to one who possesses a lot of google juice, I find my sleep disturbed by less-than-restful and slightly obsessive dreams about technology, social software, and other such geeky things. The kind of drea

Canon EF 50mm – F1.4 vs F1.8 MK II

Canon EF 50mm – F1.4 vs F1.8 MK II Is there any difference between these 2 lenses other than the price and f-stop? This is a common question that pops up frequently on forums everywhere. While the general consensus is that these 2 lenses are almost identically sharp, there are other factor

Identity Questions

Identity Questions The whole world of “Identity” on the internet is kind of new and still a bit blurry to me. But it’s one that I’m increasingly interested in, because my own forays into the online world leave me wondering whether I’m being smart, strategic, and cautious en

what happens when web2.0 is down?

what happens when web2.0 is down? whether you care for the buzzwords or not, sites on the internet these days are *doing* a lot more than ever before. consequently they are much more complicated not only to build, but to maintain and just plain keep online.

Intention Retreat enters its 7th cycle

Intention Retreat enters its 7th cycle Intention is an annual family gathering that stems from a community of artists and dancers in the Lower Mainland. We hold workshops, discussions, film screenings, performances and celebrate the New Year with intentions shared. Shared meals and collaborati

Gettin’ Things Done!

Gettin’ Things Done! I did it! I finally completed one of the goals on my 43 Things list by exhibiting my photography. Keep in mind I don’t use that list in quite the hardcore way that I know some people do. My list is more a compilation of things I’d like to do rather than Read More …

If news is not in English, did it happen?

If news is not in English, did it happen? English was already the lingua franca of science, business and academia. Now English appears to be fast emerging as the media language of choice. Al Jazeera is preparing to debut a 24-hour news channel in English. A TV station in Russia also started Engli

Photography Books for your Coffee Table

Photography Books for your Coffee Table What better christmas gift to get someone than a book of great photography! So if you’re looking for some last minute gifts for people, here are some of my faves as well as some of the best books of the year as suggested by American Photo Mag.

Quickie Folksonomy Screencast

Quickie Folksonomy Screencast I bashed out this screencast on the basics of folksonomies (requires QuickTime, 19MB). It does not pretend to be a comprehensive or deep account of folksonomies and tagging — it just focuses on a few of the common applications and demos one way these pri

Colette Fisheye by Lomo

Colette Fisheye by Lomo Viennese purveyors of photo-artistry, Lomo, have teamed up with Parisian concept shop pioneers, Colette, to make a black version of Lomo’s Fisheye camera. The convex lens means a 170-degree field of view that creates distorted pictures using standard 35mm