kk + sfp

I met this girl. She smart and hot and I like her. Happy Valentines Day from Italy Sarah. Love, kk+. PS. Thx for the awesome photo Scales, turns out it’s the most interesting photo on Flickr from Northern Voice.

Sono affamato, non ho Internet ed il mio italiano succhia

Checkin’ in quickly from Torino, Italy. I’m here with Robert Scales from Raincity Studios and Boris Mann from Bryght. We’re jet lagged, hungry, internet deprived and struggling to learn Italian… but having a blast so far in our delirious state. The syposium I’m co-chairing with Andy Miah, “The Olympics and Web 2.0“, is on Friday Read More …

We’re Planning A Party

kk+ and Scales hanging in Downtown Vancouver outside UBC Robson Square at Open Source CMS Summit. Come hear about the party we’re pulling together with Blue Flavor and NewsVine. Props to the skaters who helped us with the intro. 😛


File your lawsuits at Kris Krug Dot Fuckin’ Com. Ok, I can be a ridiculosity sometimes. This video is one of those times. Rambling, ranting and generally being silly while walkin from a photoshoot back to OS CMS today.