February 28, 2006

Checkin’ in from Massive Techvibes 2006 Comments Off

Quickie video blog checking in just before the start of Techvibes Massive 2006.

kk vlogging at Techvibes Massive 2006

Thanks for the photo Scales.

February 25, 2006

Mile High Club Comments Off

kk in ItalyHey there internet. Just a quickie from somewhere above Greenland. I’m headed home from Italy. It was an amazing trip. Great contacts and meetings, lots of new friends and connections, and *so* much fun. That being said, I need home for a rest. I think I bagged about 30 hours sleep total in the 12 days I was here. Anyway, the real reason for this blog post is… my Lufthansa flight has wifi. Unbelieveable really, 40,000 feet up, 600 miles an hour, and connected to the internet. It’s a whole new world. Bring it.

Photo by Pietroizzo.

February 22, 2006

Interviews With Canadian Olympic Snowboard Team (and a Team Canada Skiier Too) Comments Off

I got really lucky and had a rockstar chance to interview Sarah Conrad, Brad Martin, Mitch Brown, Justin LaMoureaux, Kristy Richards, Crispen before the Wired 2010 event put on by EA and Leading Edge BC in the BC Canada Place here at the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italia. Check it out… I get a lil lippy. *blush*

February 17, 2006

Canada Kicks Ass – Olympic Hockey Afterparty Comments Off

Uhm, I don’t even know what to say. Just watch these videos. Oh, and yeah… we are working here too, but you can find out more about that over here >> Olympics and Web 2.0 Symposium.

w00t! I Got Flickr Blogged. :) Comments Off

Hey guys. Checkin in from Torino. Woke up this AM to see this cute picture of this kid trying to be oh so tough got Flickr blogged. Thx Heather! :)

You're *so* tough.

February 16, 2006

Torino 2006 Winter Olympics Check-In Comments Off

British Columbia Canada PlaceI’ve been in Italy for 3 days now and am starting to finally get caught-up on some of my posting. Long days and long nights is the way we roll and I’ve been getting a lil backlogged on posting the many things we’ve been involved with. I have a few minutes and want to point you guys to a few of the things you should check out.

First, our symposium on the Olympics and Web 2.0 is tomorrow and it’s going to be awesome. Andy is here, many many media people will be be attending and we’re going to be lucky if we can fit everyone inside the venue we have reserved inside BC Canada Place here in Torino. Here’s the overview of the event.

The Olympics and Web 2.0

Friday, February 17th, 2006
BC Canada Place, Torino, Italia

Join Bryght and Raincity Studios in Torino for a half-day symposium in BC Canada Place in Torino exploring the intersection of sports and web 2.0. Chaired by Andy Miah and Kris Krug this event aims to explore how changes in technology and the internet are influencing media and the coverage of the games. Topics to be discussed include citizen journalism, the decentralisation of media power, user generated content, mobile devices and applications and open-source software.

Presenters include Boris Mann, Andy Miah, and Robert Scales.

Sign-up today to attend the event. 


The best way to follow along with our trip is going to be to check out Scales, Boris, and my Flickr photostreams. I’ve also created a Torino 2006 set over Flickr. We’ve also been uploading videos to YouTube.com (kk @ YouTube, Scales @ YouTube, Boris @ YouTube) as often as we have solid connectivity to the internet… which has been pretty sketchy in general.

Here’s an interview with the Hudson Bay company design and retail team that I did at an Italian resturant the other night. It’s been super popular on YouTube, getting a hundred views in the first hour or so it was on the web. The beautiful blonde sitting next to me is a 3 time Canadian olympic swimmer… but I forgot her name. :(

February 14, 2006

kk + sfp Comments Off

kk + sfpI met this girl. She smart and hot and I like her. Happy Valentines Day from Italy Sarah. Love, kk+.

PS. Thx for the awesome photo Scales, turns out it’s the most interesting photo on Flickr from Northern Voice.

Sono affamato, non ho Internet ed il mio italiano succhia Comments Off

Checkin’ in quickly from Torino, Italy. I’m here with Robert Scales from Raincity Studios and Boris Mann from Bryght. We’re jet lagged, hungry, internet deprived and struggling to learn Italian… but having a blast so far in our delirious state.

The syposium I’m co-chairing with Andy Miah, “The Olympics and Web 2.0“, is on Friday and we’re going to be spending most of the week prepping for that as well as meeting with the media and some businesses who are also in town for the games.

We’re also ‘Street Reporters’ for ComVu’s Streets of Torino website. That is just a comp and I’ll get you a link to the live site as soon as it’s up.

I’ve also made about a dozen video blogs posts that I can’t get online yet because I can hardly maintain a connection to the internet. Stay tuned and once I get a fat pipe I’ll get that stuff up ASAP.

Also, the new Canon 5d is fun, but I’m definately not as comfortable with it yet as I am with my old Canon 20d that Scales is carrying around these days. Trial by fire I guess… by the time I get home I hope to have bonded with her and become one with her. I guess a good start would be to give her a proper name… any ideas guys?

February 10, 2006

Does My Creative Commons Liscence Cover This Kevin Corazza? Comments Off

OMG, check out what I found tonight when I finally had 2 seconds to check my email. Unbelievable. That’s *my* trip to London.

“Kris, I’m a huge fan of your photography and have recently
came across someone who may have stole some of your photos.
This guy was on my contact list for a while now and when I
checked his photos today I came across a bunch of yours. I
made a comment on one asking why he had all the same photos
of you and he has since blocked me. I’m assuming this means
he knows he’s done something he shouldn’t have.

I figured the next logical step would be to notify you.

Check his set out:

Best regards,
Cory Krug”

And check this out from his profile.

“I feel my photography represents me as a person and also shows how I see the world through my own eyes one frame at a time.”

Stewart or Caterina can you shut this guy down or something? :p

Thanks for the email Cory.

UPDATED: 7 minutes after posting this and having my attack dog Scales send him a few emails the photoset was apparently deleted. Heh. Thx guys!

UPDATED: He pulled down the offending photos and blocked me on Flickr. Heh.

UPDATED: Too bad I didn’t get a screenshot… LOL… now this guy is trying to sue me!

Kevin Corazza Stole My Photos and Now is Sueing ME!?!

February 8, 2006

We’re Planning A Party Comments Off

kk+ and Scales hanging in Downtown Vancouver outside UBC Robson Square at Open Source CMS Summit. Come hear about the party we’re pulling together with Blue Flavor and NewsVine. Props to the skaters who helped us with the intro. :P

Ridiculosity Comments Off

File your lawsuits at Kris Krug Dot Fuckin’ Com. Ok, I can be a ridiculosity sometimes. This video is one of those times. Rambling, ranting and generally being silly while walkin from a photoshoot back to OS CMS today.

Gettin’ My Ass Kicked! Comments Off

It’s been a been a big week. Really f’n busy. Check in with me between one meeting and the next one as I roll through downtown Vancouver and blow off some steam.

Shout-outs in this vlog to Janet Johnson, Robert Scales, and Uberbru.

Butchrpapr.com Launch Comments Off

Silly boy Greg Heller and CivicActions mock launched ButchrPapr.com here at OS CMS.

OS CMS Setup Patrol Comments Off

Heh, this is what happens when a bunch of geeks pretend like they’re organized.

Driving and Listening to Madonna Comments Off

Come check out my favorite part of Madonna’s Hung Up on You while rollin over the Burrard Street bridge to the Open Source Content Management Systems Conference here in Vancouver. Warning, if you watch this you’ll be forced to confront me singing. Note to self: don’t stick the video camera out the window… it just sounds windy and the audio goes to hell. :P

kk+ Rockin 6am Comments Off

Putting the finishing touches on the OS CMS conference at 6am.

February 6, 2006

Hello, the Internets. Comments Off

Checkin in on Monday morning before the OS CMS, Moosecamp, Northern Voice chaos descends and totally overwhelms me.

Shout outs in this episode to Steve Wittens, Robert Douglas, Eric Drexel, Schlomo Rabinowitz, Zak Graent, Mike Myers, Leda Dederich, Christina Bellis and a few others I’m having trouble remembering. :)

February 2, 2006

Frenchie McDoesn’tTalkAlot and kk+ Rock BCIT TV Comments Off

OMG! Did he say that?

kk+ and Scales sitting outside the Seymour building in Vancouver and making a vlog while being filmed for BCIT TV on Shaw.

We’re chatting about the our upcoming symposium in Torino called “The Olympics and Web 2.0″. More information will be forthcoming.

Video blogging is fun. :)

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