March 31, 2006

7 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Podcasts Comments Off

e been talking to some nonprofit pals about how they can use podcasts, so I thought I’d share this list, as well as the blogging one.

Culture Jamming the Chevy Tahoe Comments Off

Chevrolet has opened up a site asking visitors to create advertisements for its ginormous SUV, the Tahoe, using a collection of clips and soundtracks, as well as your own text. Thing is, there’s no reason you have to make ads in favor of ginormous SUVs…

10 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Blogs Comments Off

According to an NTEN survey of nonprofit techies, 20% said that they published a blog and 20% said that they didn’t (but they want to). Don’t you want to get yours up, before they get around to it?

The changing world of web design: an interview with Dan Saffer Comments Off

Dan Saffer is the Senior Interaction Designer at Adaptive Path, a widely respected San Francisco web design firm. The company’s portfolio includes design work for Creative Commons, the United Nations ReliefWeb and

March 30, 2006

Tech Village Switch On Event With Communicopia Comments Off

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After NTC and Penguin Day in Seattle, I drove East accross Washington to Spokane and then north back into Canada to keynote at a cool new tech conference called Switch On put on by a non-profit called TechVillage. TechVillage is funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Kooteney Association for Science and Technology with a mission to "flourish as an enterprising non-profit that strives to be nimble and responsive to the needs of digital media, software and IT members in this region by providing professional development, consulting, networking, and project opportunities to members."

Me and MogusMy presentation was titled "The Evolution of The Internet: Web 2.0" and was a primer on new and emerging tools and trends online. I talked about markets as conversations, RSS, social software, free and open source tools, and building communities and connecting with your customers and constituents online. There were tons of questions and in the end they had to cut me off (after giving me a small time extension already). There were about 75 local business owners here consisting primarily of software developers and web designers and there is a ton of interest in these topics. I saw a couple people shooting video so hopefully the footage of the session should be up eventually… I'll link to it from here when it comes out.

We also held a great OS CMS tools discussion and gave an overview of the best solutions out there including Drupal and WordPress as well as several other. There were lots of local shops in the audience who had rolled their own CMS and were looking to figure out how to make the jump to open source. It was a great discussion and lots of people spoke up and got involved.

Thanks so much to co-organizers Jill Boland of TechVillage and Jason Mogus of Communicopia for inviting me to speak. I value every opportunity I get to share my passion for the internet, technology and open source tools and am very thankful for this chance to come out to the Koots and talk about Bryght and Web 2.0.

March 25, 2006

NTC and Penguin Day Comments Off

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I’m here in Seattle for a one-day free and open source technology conference called Penguin Day that is taking place as an adjunct to the Non-Profit Technology Conference. From the website…

Penguin Day Seattle will:

  • build new and enhanced relationships between key constituencies in the open source and nonprofit communities in Seattle;
  • empower non-profit users and support providers to better communicate their needs and serve as active partners in the development and maturation of open source technology for nonprofits;
  • challenge developers to provide flexible and appropriate open source solutions for nonprofit mission-critical applications;
  • serve as a venue for learning and information sharing about development processes and nonprofit software needs;
  • and result in increased energy and passion to fuel ongoing collaboration.

Today is a loose open-space format for learning about FOSS tools and technologies that are useful to non-profits and other mission-based organizations and businesses. Bryght (and Drupal) have some of the best tools on the internets for these types of projects and applications, and we are committed to helping these types of organizations take advantage of the power of the free and open source tools available to them.

I’m participating in a break-out session about open source content management systems with guys from the Plone and Joomla development communities. It’s really cool to see this kind of coopetition (cooperation + competition… thank you Gregory Heller) and to sit around and work together to solve some of the issues and problems common to us all. People are really scrambling to get their heads around these tools and as we like to say around Bryght… a rising tide floats all boats.

Yoga For Geeks @ Penguin Day - SeattleThe crowd here is fairly light on geeks and heavier than many other tech conference on actual users of the tools… people whose job it is to use these tools to raise money, activate their constituencies, win elections, grow their memberships, etc. Also, unlike other technology conference that I’ve attended recently, there are almost as many women here as men (let’s call it 50/50). There are lots of FOBs (friends of Bryght) here including the CivicActions crew, Leda Dederich, Nancy White, Andrew of Goodstorm and Zack of CivicSpace Labs, and Sarah Pullman who is leading her Yoga for Geeks class here.

Gregory Heller and the CivicActions crew is really excited about the Drupal Camp they are hosting next weekend in SF that will be facilitated by Jeff Robbins of Lullabot. The camp costs 500 bucks and is an intensive weekend of learning how to work with Drupal, specifically around setting up, confinguring, and *theming* Drupal sites. This is such a great idea and I’ll be helping Gregory pull together a Seattle version of Drupal Camp in June and will be sending a couple of Bryght resellers.

So that’s been the day here in Seattle… over and out from the land of the FREE (and open source).

SXSW Wrap-Up Comments Off

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Well, internet spring break is officially over. The ringing in my ears has stopped, all the geeks are back banging away at their keyboards and counting their money piles, musicians the world over have had their fill of tech talk, and my liver is speaking to me again.

SXSW was an awesome experience for Bryght. Colin and I went down for both SXSW Interactive and SXSW Music to launch our new Backstage product, connect with new resellers and partners, and spread the Drupal love. We had a booth in the exhibit hall and Colin gave his talk about Music 2.0 which drew quite a crowd for a lunchtime session. Mmmm, BBQ.

We were accompanied on the trip by Robert Scales and Jeremy Hubert from Raincity Studios, as well as young upstart Will Pate. Scales was workin’ it during Interactive and drummed up several new clients as well as worked hands-on with a couple existing ones like Predixis and (both Bryght sites). We spent our days working hard and our nights networking and playing harder.

We’re super-stoked about some of the deals coming out of the conference, including an important partnership with Goodstorm. Thanks for everything Yobie, it was awesome to meet you  and your team and we’re excited about what the future has in store. Let me assure you internet, the world *is* uniting around Drupal… as proven to me by great geekouts with Nick Lewis, Matt and Jeff of Lullabot, and Micki and Daniel (my cyberpunk anti-hero from the future) from

The whole week was a who’s who of internet celebrities. I got to meet one of my personal heros, Heather Champ from Flickr. I also spent a bunch of time with Ben Brown, founder of… and a guy you gotta respect for all the love he brings to the world. I also met Craig Newmark, Jeffery Veen, Jason Fried, Evan Williams, Danah Boyd, and the founders of Buzznet (who totally get the whole guerrilla marketing thing and caused quite a stir with their sponsorship of the Redbull House) and lots of other people I’ve worked with and admired online for some time.

Next on the agenda is a quick trip to Seattle for tonight’s Drupal meetup with the Gregory Heller and the CivicActions guys as a part of the Non-Profit Technology Conference (NTC), followed by open source Penguin Day tommorow, and I’ll conclude the trip by giving a "What is Web 2.0?" keynote presentation to 70 or so people gathered for the Switch On technology event put on by Tech Village in Nelson, BC.

"Web 2.0:  Kris Krug ( launches into the changing world of Web 2.0. What is it and why is everyone talking about the next wave to hit the digital world. Kris breaks down Web 2.0 in an informative and entertaining discussion of what’s to come, how we can take advantage of this trend and his experience at the 2006 winter Olympics."

Over and out for now, internet.

March 21, 2006

SXSW Travelling Videos Comments Off

The Flaming Lips Rock Austin @ SXSWI’m way behind here on posting media from the past couple weeks and SXSW. It was awesome and I have a ton of photos and a couple videos to share and need to do a couple wrap-up blog posts over at Bryght and Backstage. But there is only so much I can do while doing 12 hours of business a day and catching 5 live bands a night. *sigh* Anyway, below are a few YouTube videos from our trip to SXSW last week. More stuff forthcoming… definately don’t miss the photos over at Flickr including an awesome Flaming Lips show.

Cougar Attack on Our Way to SXSW

Bryght and Raincity hanging at SeaTac on our way to SXSW.

On Our Way to SXSW


We ran into some NASCAR fans in the Seattle airport and got the skinny on NASCAR racing.

March 8, 2006

Lomo LC-A Comments Off

I got a new camera, the Lomo LC-A, but I’m too busy prepping for SXSW with Colin to blog about it. :( Stay tuned.

March 7, 2006

SXSW 2006 Comments Off

I’m just getting back into the Vancouver flow after my trip to Italy and now it’s time to hit the road again. On Thursday I leave for SXSW in Austin, Texas for 2 days. If you’ve never heard of it or been, here’s a few stats that should give you an idea what I’m in for.

• Showcasing Acts: 1331
• Music Venues Participating: 58
• Music Conference Participants: 8,604 (with band registrations 9,692)
• Approximate Number of Music Media in Attendance: 1,866
• Approximate Number of Music Trade Show Attendees: 11,000
• Number of Music Trade Show Exhibitors: 191

• Number of Films Screened: 180
• Film Conference Participants: 3,807
• Approximate Number of Film Media in Attendance: 459
• Interactive Conference Participants: 3,343
• Approximate Number of Interactive Media in Attendance: 424
• Approximate Number of Film/Interactive Trade Show Attendees: 8,000
• Number of Film/Interactive Trade Show Exhibitors: 125

There are going to be so many awesome bands there… I’m very excited. I pulled together a quick list of the ones I plan to catch while I’m there. I know there are a bunch of others too but they didn’t seem to be listed on the official venue and band page on the SXSW website. If anyone knows of any other ‘do not miss’ shows, please let me know.

I figure I slept about 30’ish hours my whole 12 days in Torino and between us at Bryght launching Backstage at SXSW, and having a booth in the tradeshow, and throwing a big party with some friends, it’s not looking like I’m gonna get much more than that in Texas either. Bring it on! :P

SXSW VideobloggingOh yeah, I got picked by the SXSW crew to be one of their 6 videobloggers for the show. I guess I get a fancy Euro cell phone from them and a backstage, all-access, I’m a rockstar pass and my name on a bunch of guest lists. Woo hoo! kk+ over and out.

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