Web 2.0 and The Letter “e”: The Interview

Web 2.0 and The Letter “e”: The Interview In an exclusive e-mail exchange with our editors, the reclusive vowel talks about what he’s been doing since the year 2000, his investment strategy, and his thoughts on whether we’ve entered a new technology bubble. He joins us from his yacht just out

Workspace Photo Contest

My buddy Bill is opening an awesome new shared Workspace for independant artists, geeks, and other creative entrepenerial types an awesome part of Vancouver. I’m a member and so are lots of other great peeps. Anyway, he’s holding a photo contest and giving away 10 free month long memberships. It’s a great idea and would Read More …

Flickr War

Flickr War Verb//slang Definition: 1. the act of war performed on flickr through posting of unfortunate pictures Usage: “If you post those pictures of me in my y-front underwear you’ll get Flickr warred beeyatch.”

Kriscollection v.1

I’ve completed my summer mix CD. Here’s the playlist. 001 – Sunshowers // MIA 002 – We Be Burnin’ // Sean Paul 003 – King Without A Crown // Matiyahu 004 – Love Lies Bleeding // The Black Tories 005 – Fear of Dying // Jack Off Jill 006 – Beautiful Stranger // Madonna 007 Read More …

Webkinz – Second Life for kids

Webkinz – Second Life for kids I recently heard about a new children’s toy known as ‘Webkinz’. This has to be one of the best (and most lucrative) ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

Paralyzed Man Moves Computer Cursor With Thoughts

Paralyzed Man Moves Computer Cursor With Thoughts A Paralyzed man using a new brain sensor has been able to move a computer cursor, open e-mail and control a robotic device simply by thinking about doing it, a team of scientists said on Wednesday.