July 31, 2006

Web 2.0 and The Letter “e”: The Interview Comments Off

In an exclusive e-mail exchange with our editors, the reclusive vowel talks about what he’s been doing since the year 2000, his investment strategy, and his thoughts on whether we’ve entered a new technology bubble. He joins us from his yacht just out

July 28, 2006

Only 23 Spots Left for Barcamp Vancouver (and PhotoCamp) Comments Off

If you want to come to Barcamp Vancouver it’s important that you go over there and register now. We only have 23 spots (of 90) left. These last spots will fill fast. Please don’t make me try to squeeze you in at the end ’cause you’re too busy to just go put your name on the damn wiki. Thx. :)

Here’s the deets…

The Details

Tech creatives: Local technologists, geeks, innovators, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, tech writers, tech managers, bloggers, podcasters, video bloggers and hangers-on.

A 24-hour ad-hoc, all-play unconference where everyone who attends participates by presenting or helping out.

Bryght Offices, 1 Alexander St., Gastown, Vancouver

Friday, August 25, 6:00pm to Saturday, August 26, 6:00pm

Because it’ll be a fun party and totally informative, all at the same time. Here’s the full rundown:


How Much?
Technically speaking, it’s free. We will be asking for a suggested donation of $20 from all participants to offset costs like food, drink and so forth.

And here’s who’s coming so far…

1. James Sherrett – james AT iworkindustries.com – www.iworkindustries.com – AdHack: a do-it-yourself (DIY) advertising community.
2. kk+ – Blog / Bryght – PhotoCamp
3. Roland Tanglao – roland AT rolandtanglao.com my blog – ShoZu vs. filemobile vs. AmbientVector, etc. for mobile phone photo and video sharing, low production value video of pictures taken by campers, like to participate in some of sort of Google Maps mashup and a Kris Krug PhotoCamp
4. Darren Barefoot – darrren AT darrenbarefoot DOT com – www.darrenbarefoot.com – Changing the World in 30 Minutes
5. Dale McGladdery – dale AT group42 DOT ca – www.group42.ca – Drupal lightning talk, maybe even throw in some thunder
6. Evan Robinson – evan AT enginesofmischief DOT com – Managing for Brains
7. Monique Trottier – monique AT somisguided DOT com – tbc
8. Dane Brown – dane AT abetterplacetowork DOT com – www.abetterplacetowork.com – WorkSpace
9. Nathaniel Brown – nshb@inimit.com – www.inimit.com – Getting Started with Ruby on Rails
10. Scott Laird – scott AT sigkill DOT org – scottstuff.net / Google
11. Mik Lernout – mik AT futurestreet DOT org – futurestreet.org / Make Technologies – tbd
12. Ianiv Schweber – ianiv@blogaholics.ca – Blogaholics – tbd
13. Arieanna Schweber (Foley) – arieanna@blogaholics.ca – Blogaholics – tbd
14. Yonas Jongkind – yonas DOT jongkind AT gmail[.]com – Make Technologies – tbd
15. Dustin Sacks – dustin AT sillysoft DOT com – Random Dude / Sillysoft Games – Self-publishing on the web, lighting talk + discussion
16. Alexandra Samuel – alex@socialsignal.com – Social Signal – tagging & RSS for a better world
17. Aaron Pettigrew – aaron@socialsignal.com – Social Signal – managing online communities for nonprofits
18. Rob Cottingham – rob@socialsignal.com – Social Signal – secrets of killer technology presentations
19. Kate Dugas – kate_dugas@vancity.com – Changing Everything
20. Simon Wex – simon.wex@teligence.net – Leveraging search tools to make the boring, unboring.
21. Travis Smith – nep@hopstudios.com – Hop Studios – Six ways to encourage better participation in your online community
22. Dmitry Nekrasovski – mail DOT dmitry AT gmail DOT com – enterprise social software
23. Brian LeRoux – brian@westcoastlogic.com – .net vs rails (maybe)
24. Joni Rustulka – jrustulka@habaneros.com – acronym elimination
25. Gillian Gunson – gunson@gmail.com – Blog – tbd, I have to make up some bs to talk about
26. Joy – joy DOT boyson AT gmail DOT com – ditto on the bs, tbd
27. Brian Aker – brian AT tangent DOT org – MySQL stuff
28. Alexandre Brabant – abrabant AT Gmail DOT com – Search Marketing stuff
29. Bruce Byfield – bbyfield AT axion DOT net – the free software media: its credo, how to get along with it, its relation to blogging — some or all of the above
30. Andre Charland – nitobi, Captain Ajax, DogLotion. AJAX, Usability, User Experience, Screen Casting, Design Patterns and Bidness.
31. John Grantham – NotionLab – Notion Lab – social software for everyone.
32. Lucian Savluc – luciansavluc AT gmail DOT com – cianblog.com – presenting the Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative (ROSI)
33. Markus Frind Mfrind at Plentyoffish . com
34. Crystal Williams – cleverclevergirl at gmail.com Raincity Studios – Copywriting hacks – Stronger writing in 30 minutes for proposals, websites, and profiles.
35. John Ounpuu – jounpuu AT gmail DOT com – obviousness.net (blog) sutori.com (project) – the social customer revolution and what it means to marketers
36. Dethe Elza – delza at livingcode dot org – [http://livingcode.org/] (blog/site) – Programming for the fun of it: OS X, Python, and Kids
37. James Cogan – james at dailypixel.ca – [http://www.dailypixel.ca/] (blog/site) – tbd, visiting from out of town, hoping to demo a new site we’re working on
38. weston triemstra – sxip – why and how to implement identity on your site
39. Marius Scurtescu – marius at sxip dot com – sxip – tbd
40. Jonathan Lin – jhslin at gmail dot com – Working Title – Print publishing at the precipice of online tech
41. RichardEriksson Just a Gwai Lo Introverts and Social Software (or How I Learned To Love Large Social Gatherings)
42. Jordan Behan Telltenfriends.com I’m a total rookie, so maybe somebody would like to use me as a prop? Or collaborate? Email me and say hello: jordan@telltenfriends.com
43. Jeff LaPorte – jlaporte AT eqo.com – EQO Communications – tbd
44. Tim Germer – tgermer@gmail.com Northwest Noise – Vancouver is Portland^10
45. Shannon Emmerson – semmerson@ea.com [http://www.ea.com] – Changing corporate culture blog by blog
46. Kate Milberry – mmilberr@sfu.ca – Geeks and global justice: how tech activists can change the world
47. Andy McKay – andy@clearwind.ca – Blog Plone – Plone, Python, OS X and lots of Ajax.
48. Robin Johnson – robbat2@gentoo.org – Blog My Job – isoHunt – tbd, maybe Rails related, maybe phpMyAdmin related
49. Gerald Bauer – gerald.bauer@thelevel.com – The Level – may talk on the future of the web or the Short Head & Long Tail and Web 2.0 Economics and Business Opportunities
50. Kerry Anne Holloway – msholloway@gmail.com – lipglossandlaptops.com – women in podcasting/blogging, really just into helping any way I can
51. Megan Cole – my blog / Raincity Studios – megan@raincitystudios.com – How To Be A Sponge… or… How to embrace this new, very public life… Considering my fellow comrades, I am but a wee rookie. I’ll be the one soaking up all I can and blogging and vlogging it all. Oo – I’ll show y’all how to put back 12 Guinness in a single sitting.
52. Gary Fung – gary@isohunt.com – aka. IH, www.isohunt.com is my blog. May talk on DRM, the long tail, media and the web. tbd
53. Dorian Taylor – dorian.taylor.lists@gmail.com – blog – perchance some rdf?
54. Matthew Trentacoste – barcamp@squarewithin.com – site – Discuss the high fidelity imaging and PhotoCamp with KK+.
55. Craig Riggs – craigriggs@shaw.ca – tbd
56. Cathy Wang – cathy@raincitystudios.com – blog
57. Stewart Marshall – righantler@gmail.com website / blog
58. Jessica Marshall – leftantler@gmail.com photoblog
59. Steffani Cameron – peripheries@shaw.ca CL, the last ditch | both are blogs ] With my (CL) blog in the top 9,000 in the world, it’s amazing how little tech know-how I have, and I am now being bankrolled to do a podcast but know absolutely jack about that, and I’m hoping this can not only help me learn more, but help me network with locals. I’d be happy to be a subject in a thingie, but doubt I know enough to lead anything.
60. Brent Van Wieringen – brentvanw@gmail.com flickrfolio – the ins and outs of mobile
61. Patricia Foster – bluegreenstone@shaw.ca /Career Blog/ Personal Reflection Blogfolio/ – Will Blog some of the discussions.
62. Peter Van Garderen – peter@artefactual.com (website / blog) – I can demo the open-source Symfony PHP5 MVC platform which I’m using to develop a web-app.
63. Dave Johnson – (nitobi/blog) ajax, fixies and politics. nuff said.
64. Chani – chanika at gmail – website – I’m a sponge too… although there might be things I didn’t know I knew.
65. Mark Thomson – mark at yotophoto dot com yotophoto – tbd
66. Dave Olson – dave at uncleweed dot net – podcast-laden webpage will only there friday ’til latenight – i would like to do some teaching on making quick and easy enhanced podcasts from scratch and publishing for the people (will need to borrow a mac laptop with new garage band), I then plan to spend rest of time practising stout drinking skills with Megan and learning how to bankroll a podcast from Steffani
67. Marcelo Barth marcelo.barth aht gmail dawt com

July 25, 2006

Workspace Photo Contest Comments Off

A Better Place to Work?My buddy Bill is opening an awesome new shared Workspace for independant artists, geeks, and other creative entrepenerial types an awesome part of Vancouver. I’m a member and so are lots of other great peeps. Anyway, he’s holding a photo contest and giving away 10 free month long memberships. It’s a great idea and would be a great way to see if the space and the scene is right for you. Here’s the deets…

If your desk is totally overflowing or you spend time with your laptop open on public transit, show us! Send us a picture of yourself working under less-than-ideal conditions for your chance to win a one month evening membership to WorkSpace.
We will be awarding 10 memberships and are accepting submissions from now until August 16th. Winners will be announced August 18th. For more info check out http://abetterplacetowork.com/contest

On a side note, Bryght is moving offices and will soon be neighbors with Workspace over at One Alexander.

July 24, 2006

Flickr War Comments Off

Flickr War


1. the act of war performed on flickr through posting of unfortunate pictures


“If you post those pictures of me in my y-front underwear you’ll get Flickr warred beeyatch.”

George Oates from Flickr Comments Off

Check out this quick interview with George from Flickr at the Vancouver International Digital Festival on Granville Island. I think if you absolutely forced me to pick a favorite Flickr peep…. I’d have to go with George. :)

July 18, 2006

Kriscollection v.1 Comments Off

I’ve completed my summer mix CD. Here’s the playlist.

road trip001 – Sunshowers // MIA
002 – We Be Burnin’ // Sean Paul
003 – King Without A Crown // Matiyahu
004 – Love Lies Bleeding // The Black Tories
005 – Fear of Dying // Jack Off Jill
006 – Beautiful Stranger // Madonna
007 – With All Your Power // The Flaming Lips
008 – Nicotine & Gravy // Beck
009 – Crazy // Gnarls Barkley
010 – Where is My Mind? // Pixies
011 – Harrowdown Hill // Thom York
012 – Chasing Cars // Snow Patrol
013 – As Ugly As I Seem // The White Stripes
014 – Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam // Nirvana
015 – Speeding Cars // Imogen Heap
016 – Talk Show Host // Radiohead
017 – Hands Around My Throat // Death in Vegas
018 – Outta Control // Mobb Deep & 50 Cent
019 – Destroy Everything You Touch // Ladytron

Bring on the roadtrips!

July 13, 2006

KEXP Suggests – Cut Chemist! Comments Off

KEXP used a photo I took of Cut Chemist at SXSW on their blog. Cool.. thx guys. It was an awesome show. :)

Scout: Find your photographs in Flickr’s Explore Comments Off

Webkinz – Second Life for kids Comments Off

I recently heard about a new children’s toy known as ‘Webkinz’. This has to be one of the best (and most lucrative) ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

Geek Entertainment TV Sells Out To PodTech Comments Off

July 12, 2006

Discollection Comments Off

My favorite new Vancouver vintage store.

Paralyzed Man Moves Computer Cursor With Thoughts Comments Off

A Paralyzed man using a new brain sensor has been able to move a computer cursor, open e-mail and control a robotic device simply by thinking about doing it, a team of scientists said on Wednesday.

July 11, 2006

Desert to Dream: A Decade of Burning Man Photography Comments Off

Desert to Dream is an unprecedented photographic record of a decade of Burning Man celebrations — from its infancy as a performance art exhibition in the late 80’s to its explosion as a pop culture, community-driven phenomenon today. Photographer Barb

Amazing Flickr Testimonial Comments Off

I was humbled tonight to get a beautiful testimonial on my Flickr profile page tonight from Mommy Peace… someone I know online but have never met.

“A search for “Flaming Lips” brought me to KK +, his friends and one of the best ever photos of the band.

KK’s photos have also acted as the portal for my children and my studies on degrees of seperation, community and its evolution. KK+ is also an execellent example of the importance of ones name.

Continue to live big Kris…the next generation is watching.”

Wow. That’s like the sweetest thing ever Danie. Thx. :)

July 10, 2006

Here’s a slightly-less-than-entirely-random sampling of my portrait work. Comments Off

Portraits I’ve taken of peeps on Flickr. Link from Darren Barefoot. Thx. :)

DrupalCamp Seattle 2006 Comments Off

Drupalcamp Seattle 2006I got a thank you email from Gregory Heller at CivicActions this morning which reminded me that I hadn't posted a Drupal Camp Seattle 2006 wrap-up yet. 2 weeks ago in Seattle CivicActions, Raincity, and Bryght co-ordinated a Drupal training camp and hack-fest for about 50 aspiring Drupal-geeks at the Hugo House in Seattle.

43 Bryght RobotsThis was the 4th Drupal Camp (SF, NY, Toronto, Seattle) and we had two tracks, one for introductory sessions and another for advanced hacking which was a good fit for the crowd which was an even split between n00bs and gurus.

Most of the talking was done by Steve (advanced hacking and module creation), Richard (recipes and advanced hacking), Roland (recipes), Mark (themeing), Gregory (views and cck) and Boris (all the overiews and a great modules walkthrough). Gregory Heller (assisted virtually by SFP) led a great quick Yoga for Geeks session and the video is on YouTube.

BFF!All in all it was a great event and we're excited to do another one up here in Vancouver later this year. You can find my photos from the event on Flickr and Roland captured many of the session on video and posted them here on the Bryght site.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help out, gave a donation, explained something, cleaned up, or made coffee. It's awesome to see such a strong Drupal ecosystem forming here in the Northwest.

(cross-posted from my Bryght blog)

Bolloxed – A Play By Darren Barefoot Comments Off

The blogfather asked me shoot the photos for the play he’s writing for the Vancouver Fringe Festival. w00t!

July 7, 2006

Gnomedex 6 Comments Off

Gnomedex Wall of LoveLast week the Bryght guys went down to Seattle for our second Gnomedex in Seattle put on by friends Chris and Ponzi. We saw lots of our geek peeps and a great time was had by all. The event was keynoted by John Edwards who was there to make connections with the blogging community and hear and learn about technology (I got my pic taken with him by Ted Leung backstage… w00t!).

My favorite talks were by Ethan Kaplan and Philip Kaplan (not related). Ethan works at Warner Brothers Records and talked about the future of music and the sales/marketing/distribution machine that propels it. Phillip runs AdBright and started FuckedCompany and gave an engaging chat about promotions and building buzz.
Gnomedex - 18.jpg
Media was created, products and companies were launched, and connections were made. Check out my photoset on Flickr as well as the Gnomedex tag. Boris and I got interviewed by the Lipgloss and Laptops girls and the episode turned out pretty funny… Boris going on about his hair and me getting nailed with questions about my China exploits and personal grooming habits. *blush*

Thanks to Chris and Ponzi for an awesome event and all their hospitality. I love it that you guys liked last years photos enough to use them so prominently and hopefully you'll find some more this time around. And thx so much for the awesome Robosapien… my daughter Sierra loves him!
Experience Music Project Party
It was so fun to see great old peeps like Eric, Chris, Tara, Will, Marc, Alex, Bre, Matt, Captain AJAX, Dave-O, Jay, Derek and Air, Ted and Julie as well as meet new ones like Corey, PUD, Ben, John, and Kosso.

(cross-posted from my Bryght blog)

July 5, 2006

Lip Gloss and Laptops Episode 019 Comments Off

Kris Krug was the official L&L photographer a few weeks ago, and also gives us a revealing interview that includes background about Airdrie’s now-famous Space Needle photo. Yes, she did it!

July 4, 2006

We’re Considering Going Carless Comments Off

Some friends of ours recently sold their car and became a member of Vancouver’s car co-op. This idea has appealed to me for years, but I’ve never done anything about it. Now we’re seriously considering taking the plunge. Why?

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