September 17, 2006

Discollection Rocks the Vancouver Flea Market Comments Off

I’m catching up on a few video blogs that have sat on my harddrive waiting to be uploaded. Here’s one from a couple weeks back.

Kim and I got the crazy idea that we could move a bunch of vintage at the Vancouver Flea Market to make room for the new kdon studios. We were wrong but at least we had fun.

My Beijing Peeps Comments Off

I helped pull together a lil meetup yesterday with the Beijing Flickr Meetup Group at the Temple of Heaven. Afterwards we retired to the rooftop of the Bejing Grand Hotel for the kickoff reception of the China Access 2008 Business Forum. The photowalk was fun, but I shot mostly film so we’ll have to wait to see what turns out.

Martin Bloom @ China Access 2008 in Beijing Comments Off

I’m doing a series of videoblog posts over at YouTube with some of the interesting peeps I’m meeting here at China Access 2008 Business forum in Beijing. Meet Martin Bloom… he takes amazing photos and joined Flickr today.

September 16, 2006

Harmonica Armada Comments Off

Checkin’ in from Beijing…

September 14, 2006

Back to China! Comments Off

Headin' Back to ChinaOn Friday I’ll be headed back to China as part of the China Access 2008 program for the IT and Creative industries. I’m very excited to return to Beijing and on this trip I will also be heading over to Shanghai as a part of the extended program. Among other activities I’ll be presenting on Social Software and Web 2.0 with Robert Scales at the China Access 2008 event.

We’re also pulling together Barcamp Shanghai with the help of Crystal WIlliams and a bunch of people on the ground in Shanghai. I’ll be facilitating a PhotoCamp and a PhotoWalk. It’ll be the first Barcamp in China and should be pretty fun… if you’re in the area, please signup to come. We have lots of sponsors so it’ll be free, but limited to 80 people.

Other participants for the China Access 2008 event include…

Allen Achilles, CEO, Kidzworld
Alan Carroll, Executive Chairman, Pacific Rim Forum and Executive Director, China Access 2008
Serge Dumont, President, Asia Pacific, Omnicom Group Inc (Beijing)
Angelina Forrest, Digital Content Manager, Mediazone (USA/China)
Andrew Gilkes, Executive Director, China Access 2008
Susan Ho, Head, Creative Industries, Standard Chartered Bank
Hal Josephson, President, MediaSense
Lyn Kok, Managing Director, Head, Financial Institutions, China & General Manager, Beijing Branch, Standard Chartered Bank
Kris Krug, President , Bryght
Rob Laery (New Zealand)
Wendra Liang (USA/China)
Carol Liu, President, Shanghai Cartoon Network (China)
Sam Mancuso, Managing Director, Snowy Mountain Beverages (Australia)
Remco Marcelis, CFO, Rising Sun Pictures (Australia)
Nick Marsh, CEO, Next Corporation (New Zealand)
Che Metcalfe, Managing Director, Kukan Studio (Australia)
Dr. Wade Ren, Managing Partner, Adaptive Capital Management (USA)
Robert Scales, CEO, Rain City Studios (Canada) www.raincitystudios
John Shi, Chief Representative, Mallesons Stephen Jaques (Beijing)
Russell Sincock (Australia)
Michaela Stolz-Schmitz, Director, Corporate Strategy and Marketing, Siemens Ltd (Germany/Beijing)
Joshua Tan, Professor, Centre for Information Science, Peking University and Managing Director,
China Voice Corporation (China)
David Thomas, Managing Director, Think Global Consulting (Australia)
Lifeng Wang, Founder & President, Eastar (Xing Xing) Digital Corporation
Ms L Wang, CEO, Beijing eBailing Internet Co, Ltd (Beijing)
Xisu Wang, Principal Consultant, IWNC (Beijing)
Vivian Wei, Senior Commercial Officer, Alberta China Office (Canada / Beijing)
Crystal Williams, Operations Manager, Rain City Studios (Canada)
Lydia Xu, Trade Commissioner, Government of Canada
Frank Yu, Program Manager, Advanced Technology Center, Asia Center for Interaction Design
Nathan Zhang, CEO, Sinocro Partners (Beijing and New York)
Weimin Zhou, Vice Director General, Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau

September 11, 2006

What News Corp doesn’t want you to know about MySpace Comments Off

After News Corp. threatened to sue his publisher if they published his MySpace exposé, journalism student Trent Lapinski sold his story to Valleywag. Below is the condensed version; the full version will follow later today. — Nick

The New Tastemakers Comments Off

At visitors are invited to enter the name of their favorite artist or song and to get in return a stream of music with similar “DNA,” in effect a private Internet radio station microtailored to each user’s tastes.

September 8, 2006

8 more ways to stay single Comments Off

You may have seen the first installment in this series, 8 ways to stay single. This time, in video.

My Two Years At Bryght Comments Off

From Richard Eriksson – Today marks the two-year anniversary since my official start at Bryght, easily the longest full-time job I’ve had, and easily the best.

September 7, 2006

Peace and Hate – The Submarines Comments Off

The third of four videos Nettwerk Music posted on Revver last night.

September 1, 2006

The Next Version of Drupal Will Be 5.0! Comments Off

Today the Drupal project entered a code freeze in preparation for the next release. This release has so many new features, including an installer, requirement checking for modules, better administration pages and file structure, a light-weight CCK, inclus

TV Free Burning Man Comments Off

Burning Man 2006 is now in full swing and Current TV is on the Playa and have setup an online television station, TV Free Burning Man. They have been shooting video, doing interviews and uploading a daily show from Black Rock City.

CopyCamp Comments Off

An unconference for artists about the Internet and the challenge to copyright

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