A Flurry of Vancouver Web 2.0 Startups

A Flurry of Vancouver Web 2.0 Startups A new wave of Internet start-ups is hitting the west coast. Vancouver is experiencing something parallel to a second goldrush following the burst of the dot-com bubble with the growth of innovative, small companies tapping into the power of social network

Who can resist a moose with an iPod…

Who can resist a moose with an iPod… Northern Voice is back for a third time! Registration is open now for this fun Canadian blogging conference, scheduled for February 23 and 24 at UBC in Vancouver. This Friday December 1 (tomorrow!) is the final day for speaker submissions.

Important Northern Voice Updates – Registration Open and Speaker Submissions Closing

Hey there guys. We’ve been scrambling to pull together the plans for our 3rd Northern Voice personal publishing conference here in Vancouver. There are a couple important announcements from the past few days that I wanted to pass along. The deadline for prentations, panels, and speakers has been extended to December 1st. You don’t have Read More …

threads of gastown fashion show

threads of gastown fashion show Hey internets, So Monday night was the fashion show for the WEAVE charity, and it was a success. Lots of peeps came out, and it was great to see some familiar faces. I have yet to find out how much money was raised for the cause, but will post it Read More …

Francois Brunelle’s Doppelgangers

Francois Brunelle’s Doppelgangers Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle has embarked on an interesting quest to take portraits of people with their look-alikes. Not the most visually arresting photography project in the world, at least when compared to LaChapelle’s fashion work or Tol

Aperture vs Lightroom

Aperture vs Lightroom We’re in an era of transition in the way that we manage digital photographs. A year ago, we were mostly stuck with the filesystem and tools that built on top of it. That experience sucked. Enormous books were written about Digital Asset Management (DAM) w

Social Media Club Vancouver at Bryght Offices

Social Media Club Vancouver at Bryght Offices Social Media Club is being organized for the purpose of sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and promoting media literacy around the emerging area of Social Media. This is the beginning of a global conversation about building an orga

The Flickr Camera Guide

The Flickr Camera Guide Popular photo sharing site Flickr has published lists and graphs of the most popular cameras used on the site. The results are an incredible camera guide.

Discollection’s Designer Vintage and kdon Photoshoot

Discollection’s Designer Vintage and kdon Photoshoot This past August Kris Krug and I collaborated with Margie Torgerson, Shai Dhali and Petrina Torgerson on an innovative photoshoot in the alleys of Gastown. Margie got her hair done by Shai at Prepwork, after we met at discollection for styling and make-up

How We Do It Video: Blogging as We Travel

How We Do It Video: Blogging as We Travel In the video we mention a number of resources. Our camera is the Pentax Optio WP. Our computer is the Sony VGN-T350. This site runs on the Drupal platform, which is hosted and supported by Bryght. Our graphic design was done by Rain City Studios. We Read More …

Basic Photographic Lighting Techniques

Basic Photographic Lighting Techniques Learning lighting setups for portraits, glamour, boudoir, etc. can be expensive and frustrating. Especially if you set out to do it by the trail-and-error method. The cost of film and processing alone, while you are learning, can be staggering. And the re

Lighting for Still Photography

Lighting for Still Photography The behavior of light is not well understood by many photographers. This applies both from a technical as well as compositional standpoint. It must, however, be comprehended, at least in principle, if one is to master the art. This paper will attempt t

WTB: Photography Light Kit and Tripod

WTB: Photography Light Kit and Tripod I don’t know that much about this stuff so any advice or recommendations would be good, but really what I’m looking for is something selling mid-range used gear for cheap. Please point me in the right direction if you hear of anything or know anyone.

DeSmogBlog Photoshoot

I recently had the chance to shoot photos of the DeSmogBlog team at their headquarters here in Vancouver. They wanted black and white, journalistic style photos that said “We’re serious about climate change!” Check out the photos from the shoot here and some nice words from the client in our portrait photography references section of Read More …