December 28, 2006

Today’s Special Photoshoot with Chantelle Bousquet and Jessie Harris Comments Off

Today's SpecialI've worked with Jessie Harris once before on the Made In Vancouver photoshoot with Margaret Torgerson and he was great. That time I called him. This time around Jessie lined up a model and friend of his, Chantelle Bousquet, and asked Static to do a shoot of them. With help of the styling team of kdon, Shai, and Tamar we did an awesome fashion editorial shoot in Gastown that might be favorite so far. Thanks for everyone's help… I think it turned out awesome and I'm excited to work with you guys again. :) Check out the whole set over at Flickr.

Screamo Photoshoot with Lenore Owens and Mitchell Bowman Comments Off

Screamo PhotoshootRecently I had the chance to do a photoshoot with models Lenore Owens and Mitchell Bowman in Gastown that we ended up jokingly calling "Screamo". We had the help of our friends Kimberley Nelson of Discollection, Shai of PrepWork, and Tamar Ouziel. We've done several shoots together now over the past few months and I can't say enough about what a great styling team they have been to work with. Thx guys. :) Check out the whole set over at Flickr.

Streisand effect – The increase in popularity of an item due to interest driven by the publicized outrage over its existence. Comments Off

Streisand Effect is a category of Internet phenomena in which a reckless attempt to censor or remove (in particular, by the means of cease-and-desist letters) a certain piece of information (such as photograph, file or website) instead backfires, causing

December 22, 2006

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Photowalking with Flickr’s Heather Champ Comments Off

Robert Scoble and I spent some time hanging out with Heather Champ for Episode 4 of Scoble Show. Heather talked about her photographic style, the reincarnation of JPG Magazine, Flickr, how she shoots her Polaroids and more as we spent the morning in one o

Anyone Up for a DSLR Summit in San Francisco? Comments Off

What about organizing an actual DSLR conference in San Francisco? They have Web 2.0 and CES and Gnomedex and SXSW and all these other tech sort of conferences, why not organize one around digital photography? As far as I know there is not a conference bas

Flickr Upload Limits Increased Comments Off

And it’s even better to give the gift of Flickr since now your recipients will get unlimited uploads — the two gigabyte monthly limit is no more (yep, pro users have no limits on how many photos they can upload)! At the same time, we’ve upped the limit

You Witness News Comments Off

Were You There When News Happened? Upload your photos and video here to have them considered for use in articles and features on Yahoo! News.

FLICKR PICKR / Morning do Comments Off

Narcissism is a recurrent theme on Flickr. There is vast new potential to reveal yourself to the world.

December 21, 2006

Continuous Partial Attention (if you’re lucky) Comments Off

I just read an article at the Wall Street Journal that made me feel pretty depressed. It’s called “Blackberry Orphans” and describes a generation of parents who can’t/won’t/don’t give their full attention to their children and partners, so addicted are th

Lee and Sachi’s Rockin’ Panorama Photos Comments Off

As I’ve mentioned on many occasions, Lee and Sachi travelled around the world and blogged the heck out of it. Lee recently posted a schwack of his favourite panorama photos. Here are a couple:

Community Wireless in Vancouver – FON, Meraki, Something Else? | Comments Off

So, in recent discussions with folks like Darren Barefoot as well as David Vogt of Mobile Muse (and, of course, kicking the idea around the Bryght offices), it’s become clear that community wireless in Vancouver is something that really should happen.

MyBlogLog is Distributed Social Networking Comments Off

MyBlogLog is the closest to distributed social networking I’ve seen.

Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site, Part 12: Hosting and deploying Comments Off

When you reach the final phase of development of your Drupal powered site, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to deploy it for your client.

December 19, 2006

NowPublic flirts with ABC News Comments Off

Last week, NowPublic redesigned once more. They just keep getting better! If you don’t know NowPublic, it is a Drupal website that is a combination of Slashdot, Digg and Flickr (albeit not as popular yet). Every user can help report the news, provide valu

December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday from Mickipedia Comments Off

I’m fucking 30!

December 12, 2006

How to become a fashion photographer Comments Off

A career in fashion photography doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. Three industry insiders tell Ben Widdicombe their tips for getting started.

Organic Denim for the Sustainable Fashionista Comments Off

Del Forte Denim is Tierra’s line of luxury denim made from 100% organic cotton entirely in the US. The jeans are extremely well-made and expertly fitted. Tierra created her line for people like her and her friends, “real women who care about style but

December 11, 2006

How We Did It: Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, Co-founders, Flickr, Buying a Business or Franchise Article Comments Off

The original plan had been to create an online game. But they were just about out of money. And then Butterfield had this crazy vision of building a photo-sharing website, and before you knew it Flickr was a cultural phenomenon. Ya-hoooo!

December 7, 2006

Web Directions North Comments Off

What makes a better combination than web geeks, snow and Canadian beer… that’s exactly what’s going on at Web Directions North.

Vancouver Fashion Finds in Unexpected Places Comments Off

Real Vancouverites know that shopping in Vancouver doesn’t mean “go to Robson and wander.” Part of the joy of living and shopping in Vancouver is finding the great deals in unexpected places.

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