Creativity and Collaboration: Fashion Photoshoot With Trevor Brady

I recently assisted on a photoshoot with awesome Vancouver fashion photographer Trevor Brady. Trevor is an amazing guy with fingers in lots of different creative pies: from the web, to retail, to photography. I brought out my new Alien Bees studio lighting and we tinkered around with our 5 lights combined. I learned a ton Read More …

The Boy Who Cried Wi-Fi

The Boy Who Cried Wi-Fi What do pedophiles, terrorists and every municipal politician in Vancouver have in common? They all want citywide Wi-Fi, at least according to the Vancouver Sun.

NowPublic partners with AP

NowPublic partners with AP The news just keeps getting better. Today the Associated Press (AP) and NowPublic announced that they have agreed to a deal that will bring NowPublic’s citizen content into AP’s news gathering network. According to the press release, the two companies wil

MooseCamp, PhotoCamp

MooseCamp, PhotoCamp PhotoCamp, as the name implies, is focused on photography and collaboratively presented by the many talented photographers attending Northern Voice. Kris Krug is the man responsible for pulling it all together while Warwick Patterson, Bre Pettis, Evan Les

Adobe Lightroom: Select Photos by Lens

Adobe Lightroom: Select Photos by Lens I’m sure I’ll have lots more to say soon about Lightroom, but for now I wanted to gush about my new favorite little tool. In the Metadata menu, you can browse pictures by equipment. For example, you might want to quickly pop out all the photos taken with

New Flickr Email Notifications

New Flickr Email Notifications If you’ve ever wondered, “Wouldn’t it be grand to be notified when someone comments, tags or adds a note to my photos?” Well, wonder no more — we’ve added a couple of new email notification options to your Account page. You can now set up immediate alert

5 Black and White Photography Tips

5 Black and White Photography Tips Continuing the Black and White theme we’ve been on lately in the latest forum assignment (where the photos featured in this post were submitted) I thought I’d share five pretty random Black and White Photography Tips.

Northern Voice – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Northern Voice – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Northern Voice is an annual blogging, social software and online communities conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The conference is organized by members of the Vancouver blogging community, and efforts are made to keep the event accessi

PhotoCamp @ Northern Voice Schedule

PhotoCamp @ Northern Voice Schedule The date is Friday, February 23. Currently, we are shooting for the 2 sessions scheduled from 1:15-2:45, starting immediately after lunch and concluding with the break planned for 2:45. Check the scheduling board the day of MooseCamp to find out the locat