April 27, 2007

To All You Wannabe Fashion Photographers Comments Off

Fake it til you make it!In the past 2 years I’ve getting more and more into fashion photography. I’m involved in a couple photography and fashion online communities and subscribe to a few blogs and am generally trying to familiarize myself with the industry and scene. I go to meetups, look at other photographers work, assist different photographers when I can, but photography books and tear them apart, and book lots of lil creative shoots for practice and experience college football lines . Anyway, today over at Flickr in the Fashion Photographer’s Discussion Forum I came around this awesome post that I thought was so insightful that I wanted to copy it here to my blog.

“there are few exceptionals for sure. but my “personal” experience are here:

dont go to the expensive photography college,they are a ripoff for the posh kids. the most important thing i ve ever learned in college was the zone system, u can learn it in one week for under 20£. i spend hours and days in the darkroom. u can build a make shift darkroom for less than 300£. it cost me 6000£ in the end and delivering pizza with my lomo.

dont assist (specially those famous one)photographer or you will be shooting like him, only if u like to be copycat , or a short cut to the dosh, but believe me u will never be happy( maybe assist several diferent photographes, but then when are you going to do your own stuff??).

to learn how to light things up, just spend time dazing under the sun, you get a good idea about lighting for sure. the rest you will find a way to get it. i build a £50 kino flood or get a flood 500w tungsten light from a construction site, legally.

dont buy any fancy equipments, my £10 seagull twin lens works great with landscape. digital camera and computer are terrible inventions if you dont have the discipline to use it. shoot film first, black and white film and make some mistakes. absolutely no retouching, buy a computer later when u have a client.

have a very very good relationship with as many model agencies as you can…..be nice to your crews and let them create something for you as well. you should have a good feeling in the beginning who you are working with. feed them even just an apple and a banana. charismatic personality get you very far.

dont copy trends or up and coming stuffs or u will always be the one catching up with everybody else. find inspiration in some unlikely resources. if i dont have to, i prefer not to use models, instead my fav. are dancers, actors…..but some great models just had it all…

dont give a damn on what everybody said, photorgaphy comes first, fashion second then the model to fit in the shot, NOT vice verse, maybe equally important sometime but not more important than photography******(only if you want to create a picture with an unique signature of yourself and create a niche of fans and clients, then follow this path)

these are everything i did for the last 8years, and i realized its a long(*)road( not so hard and painful if you are passionate about photography and have some nice pictures sometime) .

make sure you have enough to pay your rent and food, or get your frineds and families to pay for it …. just for a while and dont piss them off, they are a life saver…

and keep on shooting and no retirement plans. “

Original post by takkytak
Photo by Megan Cole

April 11, 2007

Working with Other Vancouver Fashion Photographers Comments Off

(this has been cross-posted from my fashion photography blog)

X-Boxing w/ Trevor Brady

We've really been learning a ton about flashes, strobes and studio lighting for fashion photography in the past year and one of the main avenues for my education has been assisting other working photographers on their creative projects.

Recently we had the chance to go to a local Gastown boxing training gym to assist on a shoot for Trevor Brady. We brought our new lights and between the 2 of us we lit 4 different locations and came up with these shots.

We spent most of the time on set setting up and testing lighting and cameras, but also had the opportunity to step in and Trevor took a couple test shots of Kris this time around and published them with the rest of the images. *blue steel* Careful, now he's a 'male model. Ha. :)

Trevor is a true creative talent… We're big fans of him as a person of his work as well. He's been super gracious and knowledgable and very fun to hang out with. Thanks again man.

Model – Kay (Jettmodels.com).
Photography – Trevor Brady.
Assistant – Kris Krug.
Makeup – Dana Mooney.
Wardrobe Stylist – Jessica Smith.
Location – Vancouver, Canada

April 10, 2007

Drupal vs. WordPress: Which is better for blogging? Comments Off

How do Drupal and WordPress, the leading content management systems for blogging, compare for the average user? To find out, Linux.com used a preconfigure Drupal site from Bryght and a free site from WordPress.com to set up two similar sites. We compared

Event and Music Photography: Bloc Party Photos at SXSW 2007 Comments Off

(cross-posted from my Static Photography blog where I’m starting to get more work in the music and band photography space… yay!)

Bloc Party

Other than fashion photography some of our favorite shoots are live concerts and bands. Static Photography was at South by Southwest (SXSW) again this year and had the chance to shoot over 30 bands including Bloc Party both live on stage as well as behind the scenes.

We still have quite the backlog of both film and digital photos to deal with so stay tuned. For now you can check out more Bloc Party photos here on Flickr as well as all our pics from SXSW 2007.

Checklist of model-photographer negotiation items. Comments Off

Every arrangement between a model & a photographer is unique — there is no “set” contract, and everything is negotiable. Problems occur when things are left unsaid during the negotiations, because both sides may have different expectations.

Cold Wet Saturday Fashion Photoshoot in Vancouver Comments Off

(This is cross-posted from my fashion photography blog)

Cold Wet Saturday

Some cold wet Saturday's in Vancouver it's just plain hard to get rolling. To fire up our creative juices this weekend, Static pulled together a shoot with aspiring models Margaret Torgerson, Jordan Petryk and Bill MacEwan to build up their portfolios and have some fun.

We pulled from Discollection made by local vancouver fashion designers kdon and Elika Designs, styled by Kimberley Nelson and hit the Vancouver streets and alleys. This is what we came up with. Check out the rest of the creatives over at Flickr.

The New York Times on Corbis and the Future of the Stock Photography Market Comments Off

“More interesting and innovative things are happening on the pages of Flickr these days than on Corbis and Getty,” said Mr. Shenk, referring to the photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo. “If we can use this type of opportunity to find the next great gro

One City, Many Destinations Photo Contest Comments Off

The ONE CITY, MANY DESTINATIONSâ„¢ travel photography competition boasts the ultimate grand prize: CITY Magazine’s cover shot. Amateur and professional photographers from around the world are invited to submit images for juried competition and a chance at

April 9, 2007

JPG Magazine Submission: “Americana” by kris krug Comments Off

Vintage, rock ‘n’ roll, and muscle cars says America to me Please vote over at JPG Magazine

The Travesty of Canadian Mobile Data Rates Comments Off

I redid the graph to look at 1GB usage and look at just the 4 Canadian carriers. Fido and Rogers come in at a whopping $4100 per month, and Telus, who I’ve long dismissed, is actually really competitive.

April 4, 2007

Headshots for Local Actor Mark Huculak Comments Off

(This is cross-posted from my photography blog over at http://staticphotography.com)

Mark HuculakWe recently had the chance to wander around Gastown and dowtown Vancouver with actor and musician Mark Huculak. He looks like Justin Timberlake and sounds like Akon and he was an absolute pleasure to hang-out with and shoot.

I shot 100% film on this including both color negative and cross-processed expired slide film. Check out the rest of the headshots and portraits over on Flickr and check out Mark and his music on his MySpace.

If you’re an actor or actress (or model or dancer or DJ or comedian) looking to have headshots or portraits taken and/or build your portfolio please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call. We’re fun, easy to talk to and affordable… look at the results! :)

kdon dress for sale at suicidegirls.com! Comments Off

After a little back and forth communication between ?Designer Suicide? and I, we agreed upon the dress. 30 dresses were made at Discollection, and shipped off to the girls, and now WHALH! they are for sale. I make a bunch of clothes that are equally a

Clothing not from China Comments Off

Discollection has a Suicide Girls branded dress for sale. Discollection is the sort of store that you could once find on Queen Street West here in Toronto. Kim, who owns Discollection, actually made these dresses by hand, and they are selling at only 150$

Learn better photography with Kris Krug at Northern Voice Comments Off

Scoble made a video of my photography talk at Northern Voice and it’s on the front page of PodTech this AM. Thx Robert. :) Next time link to my photography blog at http://staticphotography.com. *wink*

April 3, 2007

kelsey+rustin | lake tahoe Comments Off

My sister got married this weekend. I inherited a new brother and sister. These are the pics. They’re not mine. They’re amazing!

Understanding the Community/Evangelist Role, and profiles of a few of my Favorite Folks Comments Off

One way for companies to adopt to this is to hire or create a role called a ?Customer/Community? + ?Evangelist/Advocate/Manager/Guy/Girl? or some variation of. I know many of those that are the leaders, and at my previous company, I had that role.

iTunes and EMI to drop DRM Comments Off

iTunes and EMI to drop DRM

The speculations were rampant, and today Apple and EMI announced that they will begin selling DRM free tracks. This is great news for pretty much everyone. Other rumors swirling about the joint EMI/Apple press conference invo

The it Lists – Parasuco “it” Denim Comments Off

Parasuco is a Montreal based jeans company that has quietly emerged (and grown up) as an international fashion brand with a cult-like following. “Donna Italia” (famous Italian mag) listed Parasuco as one of the top 10 hottest denim brands in the world

The it Lists – Parasuco ?it? Denim Comments Off

Parasuco is a Montreal based jeans company that has quietly emerged (and grown up) as an international fashion brand with a cult-like following. ?Donna Italia? (famous Italian mag) listed Parasuco as one of the top 10 hottest denim brands in the world

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