August 16, 2007

PhotoWalk and PhotoCamp @ BarCamp Vancouver - Comments (4)

kim cathersThis weekend is BarCamp Vancouver and I’ll be heading up a PhotoWalk on Friday night and a PhotoCamp on Saturday.

Here’s some shots from last years late night photowalk at BarCamp.

If you’re interested in photography, cameras, or just want to talk a cool walk through East Van… it would be great to see lots of you out there. Here’s the details. Get in touch with me if you have any questions. :)

– signup on FaceBook
– meet at WorkSpace
– 11pm, Friday August 17th

– signup on the Wiki
– @ Workspace during BarCamp Vancouver
– TBD, Sunday August 18th

Home from Gnomedex 7.0 - Comments (1)

Back in Vancouver for a week after a few days in Seattle at Gnomedex. Gnomedex is a secret club of uber geeks that gets together once a year to hang, chill, chat, chest beat, network, share, and collaborate. Or something. It’s put on by friends Chris and Ponzi and draws a great group of nerds, dorks, and geeks from around the globe. I got the chance to hang with lots of old friends like Ethan, Lee, Mark, Dave, Darren, Scott, Schlomo, and Jay and met lots of new ones like Guy, Cali, Jacob, Molly, and others.

August 14, 2007

BarCamp Vancouver Information and Details - Comments (3)

BarCamp Vancouver - Wall-O-LoveBarCamp Vancouver is this Friday and Saturday. I’m one of the organizers and will be hosting my 5th PhotoCamp. If you live near Vancouver and use the internet you should come to this event. It will be fun. You will learn a lot. You will mean a lot of awesome people. You unfortunately will not get laid.

Here’s all the details and informations about the event… get in where you fit in. :)

August 7, 2007

Creative Commons on the Lab with Leo Comments Off

About a month ago I went on the Leo Laporte show to discuss Creative Commons. Below is the video (holy crap it’s already been watched online 1,600+ times!) . Since then I’ve also recorded sessions on Bryght and Facebook Apps but they haven’t aired yet. I’ll post them here when they do. Tomorrow I’m going back on the show (twice) to talk about 1) Social Software and Online Communities and 2) Protecting Your Privacy Online.

Posting this is a couple weeks overdue but I’m trying to play catchup and get my digital houses in order before embarking on Bryght World Tour 2007.

Also (Mom) here’s a couple pics of me on the Lab with Leo set.

Bryght World Tour 2007 Comments Off

(cross-posted from my ‘other blog‘ over at you should subscribe to that RSS feed as well as this one if you really wanna keep up to date).

Leavin'This is a quick post to update customers, partners, collegues and friends of my upcoming travel schedule and the events that Bryght will be participating in over the next few months.

Gnomedex 7.0 – heading down to Seattle to see Chris and Ponzi and the rest of the uber-bloggypodvlogger digerati. Always one of my favorite events of the year. Seriously be ready to get your geek on.

Barcamp Vancouver – Vancouver's 2nd Barcamp. I'll be leading a PhotoCamp. 180+ people already registered. Hear me now, believe me later… don't miss out… this is a great grassroots technology and geek networking event.

Barcamp Beijing – the first ever Barcamp in Beijing. Scales and I are still pulling lots of details together but we have a date and a venue so the show *will* go on. :)

China Access 2008 – I will be presenting on Social Media and the Internet at this years China Access 2008 event for the creative services industries in Beijing.
Kris Krug Loves Chinese Food
Barcamp Shanghai – last year I helped organize the first ever Barcamp in China and it was a remarkable success. This year's event is carrying over a lot of that momentum and will be bigger and better.

GDC China – Scales and I will be joining New Media BC and Hal Josephson at this years Games Developer Conference in Shanghai.

DrupalCon Barcelona – Mister CEO hasn't given me the greenlight on this one yet, but my fingers are still crossed. Regardless look for Bryght boys Boris, Adrian, Steven, and Djun in Spain.

Stuck in the middle there between Barcamp Vancouver and my trip to China I'll also be spending several days in Toronto catching up with the peeps at b5 media as well as Bryght customers, partners, and friends like Philip, Amber, Kooze, Obi-Will, and David Crow, Mark, Mark, Gabe, and many many others… in fact, it would be rad to plan a meetup.

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