October 25, 2007

Twitter vs Pownce – Which Microblogging Platform is Right for You? - Comments (4)

Here’s the video, some notes, and some links from my recent talk about Twitter vs Pownce on the Lab with Leo TV show. I *really* shoulda included a review of Jaiku in my comparison. D’oh. *smacks head*

Facebook Launches Facebook Applications (F8) Comments Off

Here’s a Google Video of me talking about Facebook Apps on TV on the Lab with Leo show. I really like doing these kind of ‘expert’ segments. It’s fun and I meet a lot of awesome people. I think I’m going to pull a page together on this site that makes it easy for people looking for guests and experts to familiarize themselves with the types of things I can talk about and demonstrate. Today, Lab with Leo… tomorrow ???

Show description “(President, Bryght): Kris shows off some Facebook applications. Talks about opening up their API to third party developers, allowing them to launch their tools.”

October 1, 2007

Talking About Bryght on the Lab with Leo Comments Off

Here’s a recent segment of the The Lab with Leo show of me talking about Bryght. We cover Drupal, open source software, and our recently launched work on the Grateful Dead’s online community website. I’ve done 3 other segmants that haven’t aired yet and am scheduled to be in the studio to film 2 more this week including on our our new FreeTheNet.ca project.

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