May 23, 2008

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Kris Krug Artist StatementI’m sitting here in the ‘Crowd Sourcing’ panel at VIDFEST 2008. Derek, Jasmine and Matt are doing an awesome job talking about the wisdom of crowds and community participation on the internet. It got me thinking… I’m working on an Artist Statement for an upcoming photography show and thought I’d share it and get some feedback. I’ve never written anything like this before and am quite nervous to share it so widely, but I figure my friends know me best and can probably help out. What do you think of this draft? What about the tone? Too informal? What is your reaction? HELP!!! ;)

I’ve always been drawn to the creative and visual arts, but I never developed a talent for drawing or painting (despite years of trying). In photography, I found an outlet for my yearning for creative expression. Suddenly I could capture and share some of what was going on inside my head.

I’ve had no formal education in photography, but I’ve got tremendous passion for it. I simply fell in love with it, and after a while I started to think I could do it. It took me several years and several thousand pictures before I felt comfortable calling myself a photographer. I’m still struggling with the idea of calling myself an artist, and I’m both humbled and honored to be included in such an incredible and creative group.

I’ve developed as a photographer from learning by doing – finding out what works and what doesn’t (especially what doesn’t). I find inspiration in everything and everyone around me. I’m curious by nature, but I’ve also been lucky to have been helped along the way by so many who’ve been willing to show me the ropes, answer my questions, and keep me going the right way. Many thanks to all.

I use photography to capture a tiny glimpse of what’s going on in the world as I see it. Mostly I do this for myself, but I am always pleased when something I’ve shot resonates with others. For a moment, we’re all in the same place.

Special thx to my buddy Alan for some help pulling this together! :)

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