October 28, 2010

New Media and Web Development Class 001 – BCIT Comments Off

Notes for my first lecture at British Columbia Institute of technology…


“Welcome to MDIA 2045 at BCIT in the New Media and Web Development 1 year senior management certificate. This course will be informative, interesting, challenging and broad. There are a lot of things we are going to learn in the next 12 weeks. As your instructor, Kris Krüg, I will act as a wholesale golf clubs facilitator, not a dictator. Education is being transformed by social technologies and in the course we will work to take advantage and benefit from this change.

Your education is longer restricted to this classroom or a school. Learning is lifelong and not based just in books and history. It’s based online in multimedia, connecting with others and learning to find answers to your own questions. Google can teach you more than I ever could. Education golf wholesale especially in New Media, Web Development and Social Media comes from great sites like NewMedia.org, W3Schools & Mashable.” (From Kemp Edmonds classroom blog)


– create accounts on Google.com, WordPress.com, LinkedIn.com, Flickr, YouTube, Delicious.com, Twitter.
– create profiles on your new accounts – here add avatar photo, bio information, links.
– create a post on your WordPress.com and link to your new profiles.

– include in your blog post links to other social network profiles.
– watch any 2 videos from TED Talks and http://www.awgolf.co.uk/ write a 2 paragraph review of each.

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