November 15, 2010

The Waldorf Hotel & The Beatty Street Mural - Comments (1)

Here’s a couple local Vancouver projects that inspire me. I’ve documented each of them as they’ve developed over the past several months and recently published these editorials.

The Waldorf Hotel

The Waldorf Hotel
“The Waldorf is a creative hub in the heart of East Vancouver where contemporary art, music, food and culture convene under one roof. The programming for the space will be both artistically expansive and thematically inclusive. The complex consists of thirty rooms, two restaurants (directed by Ernesto Gomez and executive chef Ned Bell), a Tiki bar (restored and retrofitted with a vintage analogue audiophile sound system), a hair salon (run by Barbarella Hair), a gift shop, a nightclub and a live music venue. In the works are a multi-media theater space and recording studio (tied to a residency program for visiting musicians).The Waldorf joins a new wave of Vancouver businesses that are conversing with the city, setting a benchmark for culture and hospitality.”

The Beatty Street Mural

“The Beatty Street Mural Project aims to explore the effects of applying various social networking concepts to a monumental public art installation. Creating an interactive platform between the community, the artists, photographers, bloggers, etc”

One Response to “The Waldorf Hotel & The Beatty Street Mural”

  1. kemp says:

    Vancouver culture and history boner!

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