January 12, 2011

Homework: BCIT Social Media Class Comments Off


— Review past homework assignments. This is what I’ll be marking at the end of the term. Fill out profiles, add contact, publish content, link social networks together.
— Read through Klout scoring metrics – Klout score, True Reach, Amplification, Network.
— Create a Facebook Page for a) self as a brand b) or company you’re involved with or c) project you’re involved with.
— Come to class next week prepared to talk about ONE company who is using social media in awesome ways to sell my structured settlement.

UPDATED: More homework

— Review homework – Amber story, Vanessa story.
— Northern Voice 2011 – personal blogging and social media conference. Opportunity to volunteer.
— SXSW Vancouver – tonight at the Waldorf. Meet new media, music and film geeks. Free.
— HOMEWORK: Create a social media campaign outline.

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