October 2, 2012

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Sir Richard Branson - WE Day Vancouver 2011

I was smokin’ a doobie with Ryan Holmes & Richard Branson at The Groucho Club last week and I’m not sure what I said exactly but in the middle of one my of opprobrious & epically meandering stories Richy looked me right in the eyeball and said… “KK, Vigin Galatic needs pilots like you son.” He showed me this video and told me to begin preparations for the most important adventure of my life.

Ok, that may or may not have happened….

I know I can’t control the future… but, I hope to be able to nudge it a lil bit in a particular direction. In the spirit of creating exciting new opportunities and buttressed by a strong desire for adventure, nature & freedom… I’ve decided to go to flight school and get my Private Pilot License.

Airport full of Unused Seaplanes

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