October 2, 2012

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Sir Richard Branson - WE Day Vancouver 2011

I was smokin’ a doobie with Ryan Holmes & Richard Branson at The Groucho Club last week and I’m not sure what I said exactly but in the middle of one my of opprobrious & epically meandering stories Richy looked me right in the eyeball and said… “KK, Vigin Galatic needs pilots like you son.” He showed me this video and told me to begin preparations for the most important adventure of my life.

Ok, that may or may not have happened….

I know I can’t control the future… but, I hope to be able to nudge it a lil bit in a particular direction. In the spirit of creating exciting new opportunities and buttressed by a strong desire for adventure, nature & freedom… I’ve decided to go to flight school and get my Private Pilot License.

Airport full of Unused Seaplanes

I’ve signed up to spend October in Helena, Montana training under the tutelage of Jeanne Macpherson of Mountain Airdance. She’s a master flight instructor and also happens to be my buddy Jim Gallea’s stepmom. After hanging out with Jim and his family during his recent wedding to Claire Danby this summer in Portland, Maine I realized that this longtime ambition of mine was totally within grasp. I took the plunge and signed up as soon as I got home.

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor - Fort Island, HI

Right now I’m slogging my way through the trenches of online groundschool course materials that I can track down on Pirate Bay. Four days into my pre-training I’m learning lots and have become conversational in a variety of aeronautical topics… ‘rate of turn’, ‘pitch the gyro’, blah blah blah, something something air pressure, something something cabin attendant. ;)

Perfect Landing

I don’t know exactly what the next steps will be after I get my initial private pilot license. I hope that it would in some way involve flying planes, getting new experiences under my belt, going new places, etc. There are lots of great ways to build your hours piloting a plane and I intend to look into them all… all I know for now is…. flying seems like a great complimentary skill to photography. Something likely to keep me off the computer and working outdoors on a a regular basis.

Just Outta Reach

To infinity and beyond!


2 Responses to “Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?”

  1. YZP11772 says:

    Congratulations on that solo, man.
    Great feeling, eh?

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