About KK

I’m an artist, activist & author with an interest in open source software, maker culture & new forms of storytelling.

I am a pilot, sailor, and fisherman.

I’m the co-founder of Galiano Island’s King Fisher Apparel.


Recent projects include:

  • Keynoted the United Nations Global Youth Summit on HIV in Mali, Africa.
  • Photographed the BP Oil Spill for National Geographic Magazine and helped organize TED x OilSPill.
  • Established Independent Media Center’s at COP15, Vancouver 2010, and the Democratic National Convention.
  • Documented the Tribal Journey’s Qatuwas Festival w/ the Squamish Nation, a 600-mile canoe trip up the West Coast.
  • Worked as a camera man on Chris Jordan’s documentary film ‘Midway’ on Midway Island.
  • Mentored Grade 6/7 youths in Media Literacy & Production as part of the Access To Media Education’s ‘Digital Foraging’ project.
  • Travelled around Bolivia w/ President Evo Morales as photographer for the World People’s Conference on Climate Change.
  • Collaborated with artist Douglas Coupland on a project documenting the work of Marshall McLuhan.