October 25, 2007

Facebook Launches Facebook Applications (F8) Comments Off

Here’s a Google Video of me talking about Facebook Apps on TV on the Lab with Leo show. I really like doing these kind of ‘expert’ segments. It’s fun and I meet a lot of awesome people. I think I’m going to pull a page together on this site that makes it easy for people looking for guests and experts to familiarize themselves with the types of things I can talk about and demonstrate. Today, Lab with Leo… tomorrow ???

Show description “(President, Bryght): Kris shows off some Facebook applications. Talks about opening up their API to third party developers, allowing them to launch their tools.”

October 1, 2007

Talking About Bryght on the Lab with Leo Comments Off

Here’s a recent segment of the The Lab with Leo show of me talking about Bryght. We cover Drupal, open source software, and our recently launched work on the Grateful Dead’s online community website. I’ve done 3 other segmants that haven’t aired yet and am scheduled to be in the studio to film 2 more this week including on our our new FreeTheNet.ca project.

August 7, 2007

Creative Commons on the Lab with Leo Comments Off

About a month ago I went on the Leo Laporte show to discuss Creative Commons. Below is the video (holy crap it’s already been watched online 1,600+ times!) . Since then I’ve also recorded sessions on Bryght and Facebook Apps but they haven’t aired yet. I’ll post them here when they do. Tomorrow I’m going back on the show (twice) to talk about 1) Social Software and Online Communities and 2) Protecting Your Privacy Online.

Posting this is a couple weeks overdue but I’m trying to play catchup and get my digital houses in order before embarking on Bryght World Tour 2007.

Also (Mom) here’s a couple pics of me on the Lab with Leo set.

Bryght World Tour 2007 Comments Off

(cross-posted from my ‘other blog‘ over at Bryght.com. you should subscribe to that RSS feed as well as this one if you really wanna keep up to date).

Leavin'This is a quick post to update customers, partners, collegues and friends of my upcoming travel schedule and the events that Bryght will be participating in over the next few months.

Gnomedex 7.0 – heading down to Seattle to see Chris and Ponzi and the rest of the uber-bloggypodvlogger digerati. Always one of my favorite events of the year. Seriously be ready to get your geek on.

Barcamp Vancouver – Vancouver's 2nd Barcamp. I'll be leading a PhotoCamp. 180+ people already registered. Hear me now, believe me later… don't miss out… this is a great grassroots technology and geek networking event.

Barcamp Beijing – the first ever Barcamp in Beijing. Scales and I are still pulling lots of details together but we have a date and a venue so the show *will* go on. :)

China Access 2008 – I will be presenting on Social Media and the Internet at this years China Access 2008 event for the creative services industries in Beijing.
Kris Krug Loves Chinese Food
Barcamp Shanghai – last year I helped organize the first ever Barcamp in China and it was a remarkable success. This year's event is carrying over a lot of that momentum and will be bigger and better.

GDC China – Scales and I will be joining New Media BC and Hal Josephson at this years Games Developer Conference in Shanghai.

DrupalCon Barcelona – Mister CEO hasn't given me the greenlight on this one yet, but my fingers are still crossed. Regardless look for Bryght boys Boris, Adrian, Steven, and Djun in Spain.

Stuck in the middle there between Barcamp Vancouver and my trip to China I'll also be spending several days in Toronto catching up with the peeps at b5 media as well as Bryght customers, partners, and friends like Philip, Amber, Kooze, Obi-Will, and David Crow, Mark, Mark, Gabe, and many many others… in fact, it would be rad to plan a meetup.

March 6, 2007

Austin Invasion: SXSW is Just Around the Corner Comments Off

h00r4tWith Northern Voice behind me it’s time to finalize preperations for my trip to Austin Texas for SXSW (thats South by Southwest for the uninitiated) 2007.

Last year SXSW was huge for us at Bryght. We had a booth, thew a great party with Raincity, Blue Flavor and NewsVine, and drummed up a bunch of great Drupal development and consulting gigs. Since last year we’ve worked on lots of online community projects including the one for Warner Brothers Records and are excited to mix it up again with music industry moguls down in Texas.

This year will be more of the same with the exception that I’ll be speaking on panel this year. The first panel of the whole conference in fact! Alex Williams, Corey Dennis and I are working together to present the talk “Snakes on A Mother Fuckin Plane“. Raincity will have a booth this year and Bryght will have a presence in it. Come find me in booth J5 during exhibition hours.

I’m trying to keep track of all the extracurricular activities that I’ll be participating in over at Upcoming.org. Of particular interest is this years South by Northwest party throw by Byght, RCS, and Blue Flavor as well as the Yahoo BarTab party featuring Flickr, MyBlogLog, Upcoming, Bix, Pipes, etc etc..

I took a bunch of pics last year including some great ones of the Flaming Lips. I’m super excited to get out and about with my cameras again this year and see what I can capture. :)

I’m super excited and have lots to do before I leave next Friday. If you’re gonna be there and wanna hang out make sure you drop me a line and let’s plan to meetup!

(photo by Trevor Brady)

October 20, 2006

Northern Voice 2007 Comments Off

Northern VoiceDue to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees to Northern Voice 2006 and Northern Voice 2005 we’ve decided to bring it back again for 2007.

For those of you who are unfamiliar (gasp!) Northen Voice is an independant and grassroots personal publishing conference based here in Vancouver. Think internet, photography, audio, video, blogs, games, mobile. Think passion, creativity, geekery and community.

Planning has been underway for months and we’ve just opened speaker submissions for Northern Voice 2007. Here’s what Boris has to say about all that:

Right now, the speaker submission page is open. One thing to note….write a good abstract, and take filling that speaker submission form out seriously. We got lots of entries from great folks who just didn’t bother telling us what they would talk about, or make a case for why they should have a session (or un-session, as the case may be). Colin Brumelle (and yes, he works with me at Bryght), was the only abstract submission that was unanimously voted in on the first pass.

What kind of submissions do we want to see? Well, let me tell you what I would love to see…

I sat down with Robert Scoble at Gnomedex, asking him what he would like to see at next year’s Northern Voice (he mentioned it briefly talking about Kris’ part in a MediaShift article). We talked about two things: Geolocation and virtual worlds.

Abstracting this a little, to me it means the intersection of the physical world with online. Blogging has always done this — with people bring pieces of their offline lives online, or helping to make real life connections through communicating online.

I talked about our mandate — appealing to a wide range of people. Geolocation and virtual worlds are still new. But, not too new that people can’t start experimenting if someone gives them a few pointers. Flickr now has integrated geotagging, and Second Life continues to explode. Your barber is not unlikely to play World of Warcraft, and the Nokia N95 has GPS and photo sharing built in.

Much thanks to my fellow organizers Darren, Brian, Cyprien, Lauren, Boris and Roland as well as the many friends of Northern Voice and volenteers that help to make this thing so fun and a big success.

August 21, 2006

Barcamp Vancouver Comments Off

Barcamp Vancouver is THIS FRIDAY. We’re all very psyched to be part of the first BarCamp Vancouver, and hope you are too. Read on for all the deets…

Barcamp Vancouver

If You Can’t Come, Please Remove Your Name From the List

There are currently about 15 people on the waitlist. If you can’t make it, please visit http://barcamp.org/BarCampVancouverRegistry and take yourself off the list. A waitlisted person will be very appreciative.

BarCamp Costs and T-Shirts

Technically speaking, BarCamp Vancouver is free. However, we’ve got plenty of costs to cover (see our budget), so we’re requesting a donation of $20. Everybody who makes such a donation gets a groovy BarCamp Vancouver t-shirt (you can view a PDF of the design here).

We’ve only got 120 t-shirts, so if you’re picky about size, register promptly on Friday night.


The schedule, such as it is, looks like this:

Friday Night, 6:00pm – Registration and Rooftop Barbeque at the Bryght
Friday Night, Later – Camping out, crashing out or geeking out.
Saturday, 9:00am – Scheduling the day’s sessions
Saturday, 10:00am – Sessions begin
Saturday, 6:00pm – Partay @ Workspace?

A note on scheduling: We’ve done the math, and we’re pretty sure that all 120 of us won’t be able to present in 8 hours. So, if you’re not so keen on presenting, don’t feel obligated to do so. Try to pitch in in other ways: contribute to discussions, help clean up, ask an organizer if there’s an errand that needs running, and so forth. If you’re sort of keen on presenting, check the list to see if there’s somebody you can co-present with.

If you’re really keen on presenting, be sure to be there at 9:00am to battle for a spot on the schedule.


The main venue for BarCamp has been generously donated by WorkSpace. That’s suite 400 – 21 Water Street in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown. Here’s a map.

The Friday night BBQ will be at Bryght’s offices, which are literally a half-block away at suite 400 – 1 Alexander St. You actually enter around the side of the building off Carall St. Here’s a map.

Special thanks to all the sponsors. They’ve been extremely generous with their time and donations and have helped lay the foundation for a very successful event. Three cheers for….

Business Objects
Elastic Path Software
Raincity Studios
EQO Communications
Capulet Communications
Midnight Kitchen
Jones Sodas

May 24, 2006

China Access 2008 Business Forum Reflections Comments Off

Hangin' in the Boys RoomI’m here at the China Access 2008 Business Forum with Scales and MC of Raincity Studios and Richard Eriksson of Bryght. We’re getting a whirlwind business tour of China including an overview of the economy, political climate, growth trends, geography and communications challenges. There are about 40 or so people here at the SFU Centre for Dialogue from Vancouver companies who are either already doing business in China or plan to, as well as a bunch of masters students from UBC Business School who are focusing on economic development in Asia and China.

So far it’s been a great session led by Alan and Andrew of China Access 2008 and supported by lots of influential Vancouver business people currently doing business successful in China including Business Objects, CanFor, and Optima Health Solutions (hey Rashid… I’ll trade ya a China strategy for Bryght for a web strategy for Optima!).

This is the perfect way to spend the day before my first ever business trip to Beijing… I’m learning a lot and it’s calming my nervousness about the trip. There sure does seem to be a lot of opportunities to companies looking to grow into new markets, but I’m looking forward to hearing people talk more about the social and environmental impacts of China’s explosive growth and rise to power.

Can the massive amount of wealth being generated by this boom be used to promote positive change in China and around the world? How will China keep the gap between rich and poor from widening? Will the ultimate cost of the environmental degradation that is taking place as part of this growth ultimately be its downfall?

Lots of people seem to have incentives to look to China as a place to make money and grow their business but whose responsibility will it be to make sure that it’s done in a sustainable way that reflects modern progressive values? Bueller? Bueller?

I’m looking forward to forthcoming posts by Richard, as I’m sure he’ll touch on some of these issues.

December 20, 2005

Drupal Girls Kick Ass! Comments Off

My CMS can kick your CMS’s ass. Sewiouswy.

Drupal Girls Kick Ass!

Thanks for the modeling support from Miss Drupal 2005.

November 22, 2005

Upcoming Events I’m Involved With Comments Off

This post is overdue. Here’s a few links to some upcoming coming events I’m speaking at or otherwise involved with helping plan or sponsor.

Blogs N’ Dogs – 3 day blogging masterclass and uber-geekout at the Banff Centre for New Media. December 4-8th.

Open Source CMS and Blogging Tools Summit – Just announced by Boris, a open source tools conference and working session. February 7-8th.

Northern Voice – 2nd annual personal publishing and technology un-conference here in Vancouver. February 9-10th.

NetSquared – A face-to-face conversation about how nonprofits and non-governmental agencies can best use the web to achieve their missions. April 2006.

Also Bryght will be exhibiting and throwing a big party with some other Web 2.0 peeps at SXSW in Austin March 10-19th 2006.

September 16, 2005

Northern Voice + Moose Camp Comments Off

The site for Northern Voice 2006 website has just been launched. Northern Voice is a grassroots personal publishing and blogging conference held here in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Northern Voice and Moose Camp

Last year it was awesome and many people who atteneded said it was the best conference they went to all year (and I hang with people who go to a lot of these things). It will be 2-days this year and will cost $30 per day or $50 for both days.

Expect to hear lots about DIY publishing including blogging, podcasting, videoblogging, and other social software and web 2.0 geekery. The 2006 confence will be held on February 10th and 11th which is a Saturday and Sunday.

As the date draws closer we’ll be looking for speakers and sponsors. Check out the fancy new site and get in touch if you want to be a part of it.

Here’s my photos from Northern Voice 2005.

Go sign up for Northern Voice now and make sure to get one of the super cool ‘Bloggable’ tshirts. Darren, you gonna do ‘Blog Widow‘ ones again this year too?

Here’s what some peeps had to say about last year’s Northern Voice.

What I learned most from the conference wasn’t about blogging or RSS or audio and video—most likely because I’m a multimedia blogger. What I did learn was about people, culture, and families.

– Eric Rice

“Looking back on Northern Voice, I have really good things to say. Like I’ve written before about such events, it’s the people, not the content that makes it good. Don’t get me wrong, the content was great–but getting a chance to meet the people you read is invaluable and the new connections –-priceless.”

– Lee LeFever

Props to the organizers of the conference for doing a great job of putting together an interesting day. Great speakers, some nice panels, a chance to put faces and voices to some of those ‘net people (Eric Rice, Suw Charman, Robert Scoble and others).

- Mark Hamilton

“The bottom line is Northern Voice was well organized, had all the amenities a blogger could ask for, had diverse, informative speakers and panels, provided information of use to podcasters and bloggers alike and was priced so that just about any blogger of any financial level could attend. Well done to all involved and responsible! Grade: A”

– Blogcritics.org

“I enjoyed myself this weekend at Northern Voice. My only wish is that it could’ve lasted longer. I didn’t have time to meet and greet everybody, and I certainly didn’t have enough time to talk at length with those I did meet.”

– Chris Pirillo

“Northern Voice has set a high bar that other conferences are going to have a hard time surpassing.”

– Suw Charman

“The organizers did a great job — there wasn’t chaos, but things weren’t over produced, either. By keeping the conference affordable, they made it possible for a different type of person to show up and find out what all the fuss was about. Northern Voice also reinforced my conviction that the smallest conferences are the best. I know that I’d show up for another one.”

- Ted Leung

“I’ll also remember Northern Voice for the people I met for the first time. I enjoy discovering the blogger behind the blog and having a chance to chat face to face.”

— Julie Leung

September 12, 2005

PodCast Hotel Presentation and Photos Comments Off

Last week Roland and I drove down to Portland for the Podcast Hotel. The event was for musicians, record labels and other people interested in podcasting, the web and audio recording technology. Thanks to Alex Williams for everything you did to pull together a great first event… it was great to see Eric, JD, Matt as well as meet lots of great people like my new best friend Schlomo Rabinowitz.

I presented on Friday about Web 2.0 and how bands and artists can take advantage of open-source and free web based tools to grow their audience, create new revenue streams, and connect with fans. The presentation is available here for download in PDF format.

Here’s some of my photos from the event and here’s a link to rest of my photoset on Flickr. Here’s Roland’s photos and all the photos tagged with ‘podcast hotel’ on Flickr.

Dave Linn


Roland Tanglao

Eric Rice

Scholmo Rabinowitz


There is talk of a west coast Podcast Hotel (SEA >> PDX >> SFO >> LAX) tour later this year. Good luck Alex and sign me up! :)

Sneak Preview of Drupal Flickr Module Comments Off

SillyGwaiLo is sitting here giving us a super sneak preview of the Drupal Flickr module he wrote this weekend (based on BorisSkype Drupal module by the way). This thing is very alpha… and very hot. Unlike other implemenations of Flickr/Drupal modules I’ve seen this one is multi-user… perfect for community sites!

It adds your flickr sets, photos, favorites or rss feed of tagged photos as a block to your Drupal site. It automagically sucks in all the data via XML from Flickr and displays it on your site. It also sucks your Flickr photos into your user profile on a Drupal site based on your NSID (Flickr user number). The top 5 photos from your photostream (or any site users) can be displayed at the top of your profile page. In addition, it can create a ‘photostream’ page on your site imported from your real-time photostream at Flickr. It can suck in anything from Flickr that is available via the API including all the metadata too like comments, favorites, EXIF data, upload times, etc etc.

Colin wrote some code for Backstage that publishes photos to Flickr from a Bryght or Drupal site. I think they’re going to work on integrating their stuff together this week. Cool stuff boys… will be exciting to work the bugs out and release the code. :)

August 2, 2005

My CMS Can Kick Your CMS’s Ass – Drupal Geeks at OSCON 2005 in Portland Comments Off

My CMS Can Kick Your CMS's AssHere’s a few photos from the informal DrupalCon we pulled together down here at OSCON in Portland. Plenty of geekery to go around. If your not here, it’s not too late… interesting (and free) Bryght and Drupal training taking place this Saturday too. Get in touch.

Drupal Geek Photos on Flickr

August 1, 2005

OSCON – PDX Comments Off

I’m in Portland for O’Reilly’s Open Source Conference with Boris, Roland, Richard, Adrian, James, Colin and Lance of Bryght. I’m really excited to meet a bunch of people face to face who I only worked with virtually… especially some of the peeps over at Civic Space Labs, Drupal.org, and the Flockers.

We’re going to be providing some free Bryght/Drupal training this week on basic site configuration and setup as well as some more advanced themeing and multi-site implementation tutorials. Get in touch if you’re in the area and we’ll work with you to find a time.

I’m also going to try to attend a bunch of sessions and bone up some things I’ve been very interested lately including Ruby. I also hope to take a bunch of photos and I’ll probably submit a few to the HP OSCON photo contest since they made it so easy to do via Flickr.

Thats all for now… I’m going to go catch a little retail therapy at the vintage shops in The Pearl. The no sales tax in PDX thing can be dangerous.

July 23, 2005

Community Business Minded Ness Comments Off

The community-business-minded-ness of the Bryght team was a refreshing surprise. They get community, they get business … and they know open source can be both.

Boris, Kris and some friends run Bryght, a Vancouver company that offers quick and dirty (plus almost-as-quick and very pretty) web sites based on the Drupal online community platform. Most small open source companies live off customization, set up or support fees. Not Bryght. They just set up your Drupal site in a flash, and then charge you for hosting by the month. In less than a year, they have 800+ sites and a rock-solid ‘beta’ product.

July 8, 2005

Boris Mann Speaks Geek to Michelle Mill of Global TV Comments Off

Boris Speaks Geek to Global TVMichelle Miller and her crew from Global TV swung by the Bryght office today to talk to Boris Mann about citizen journalism, blogging, podcasting, and web 2.0. He totally nailed it, walking them through the power of distributed hyper-local newsmakers and used the coverage of the London Bombings as an example. He showed them Flickr, Technorati, and NowPublic. You can read Boris‘ post about it over here at his personal site. The segment will air tonight on BCTV and 6pm and 11pm and then again tommorow on the morning news. Let us know if you see it or can record it… none of us have TVs. :)

June 28, 2005

The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism Comments Off

Here’s an awesome report from Poynter Online and Steve Outing about the emerging trend of citizen journalism. He provides a great overview and links to almost all the important players in the space. It would have been cool to see Roland, UrbanVancouver, Drupal or Bryght mentioned also… especially since it’s still a small and emerging space and they’ve been in it since the beginning. I dropped Steve a line and hope to hook him up with Roland later today.

Here’s his list of the 11 steps to help media publishers go from dipping a toe into the waters of participatory journalism to fully embracing citizen reporting and putting the organizations resources behind it.

1. The first step: Opening up to public comment
2. Second step: The citizen add-on reporter
3. Now we’re getting serious: Open-source reporting
4. The citizen bloghouse
5. Newsroom citizen ‘transparency’ blogs
6. The stand-alone citizen-journalism site: Edited version
7. The stand-alone citizen-journalism site: Unedited version
8. Add a print edition
9. The hybrid: Pro + citizen journalism
10. Integrating citizen and pro journalism under one roof
11. Wiki journalism: Where the readers are editors

“Citizen journalism.” It’s one of the hottest buzzwords in the news business these days. Many news executives are probably thinking about implementing some sort of citizen-journalism initiative; a small but growing number have already done so.

In my conversations and communications with editors, I sense plenty of confusion about the concept. There’s enthusiasm about experimenting in some quarters — about harnessing the power of an audience permitted for the first time to truly participate in the news media. But mostly I hear concern and healthy skepticism.

This article is designed to help publishers and editors understand citizen journalism and how it might be incorporated into their Web sites and legacy media. We’ll look at how news organizations can employ the citizen-journalism concept, and we’ll approach it by looking at the different levels or layers available. Citizen journalism isn’t one simple concept that can be applied universally by all news organizations. It’s much more complex, with many potential variations

Thx to my crazy Swedish friends for the link…

May 15, 2005

Why Drupal? Comments Off

From Jay Campbell’s blog, an article called

Grassroots Journalism, Creative Commons, and Open Source Software share visions of the free flow of ideas. There are countless Open Source content management systems, several of which could have served as an excellent starting point for Bayosphere, but we chose Drupal for its combination of flexibility, community and maturity.

Drupal has a stellar philosophy of extensibility. On an old school CMS, changing the system’s behavior required changing the software package’s source code. Eventually the package requires an upstream upgrade (for security fixes, if nothing else), and a programmer has to reapply every local custom change ever made, an often-tedious and sometimes-impossible task.

Then packages started proving module interfaces, allowing you to add functionality without stomping on the package’s original code.

Others, like Scoop, took a different tone and actively encouraged “hacking the core” by providing a web interface directly to the underlying engine’s code. Upgrading such installations can be frustrating.

Drupal’s module system is awfully nifty. Although completely self-contained, modules influence behavior at every layer of page-building using Drupal’s “hooks” mechanism. Webmonkeys can modify nearly every stage of a page’s construction without changing Drupal’s PHP code, leaving the site safe for quick upgrades when needed.

A module is a collection of PHP functions in a .php file in your modules folder. If it contains a few basic declarations about things like who can use the module, then Drupal sticks references to it all over the site. Menu items, configuration screens, access levels and more all automagically show up where they should.

Programmers worldwide have used this flexibility to create a zillion useful modules. If any of you module authors happen by, drop a line. We always have questions.

May 2, 2005

Create Your Own Personal Urban Vancouver Hyper-Local Citizen Journalism Site Comments Off

Before Bryght, creating your own Urban Vancouver (which is a Bryght site) was imposssible for non technical people. With Bryght, you can create your own UV in a matter or hours or days whether you are technical or not.

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