Georgia Straight: Geeks Speak –
Digital Footprint: Kemp Edmonds –

Video Interview: The Next Web Oct/2010

Video: Techvibes Interview for W2 Media +Culture House Feb/2010 17794857

Video Interview: Lift Studios – outsourcing and religion

Video/Audio Podcast: Yes Magazine around Oil Spill July/2010

Video Interview/Blog Post: Social Media and the Olympics CLT Blog FEb/2010

Video Link:

Video Interview/Blog Post: Kris Krug at Multimedia Gallery Feb/2010

Video Post: interview with Leo Laporte Drupal Jan/2008

Video Link:

Blog Post/Video: Techvibes GOAP Asia 2010 Sept/2010

Video: photography session at Northern Voice 2007 by Robert Scoble April/2007

Audio Podcast/Interview and Blog Post: oil spill June/2010

Video/Audio Podcast: Yes Magazine around Oil Spill July/2010

Audio Interview: Chris Pirillo interviews Kris at Gnomedex 6 Aug/2006

Audio/Blog Post: Blame Canada- Panel SXSW June/2008

Published Photos/Photo Essay
Published Photo: CBC Don Tapscott Aug/2010

Published Photo: oil rig Texas A&M Engineering blog Oct/2010

Published Photo Essay: LA Times SXSWi 2009 March/2009

Published Photos: SENSES – Opening Night Tang Dynasty May/2005

Published Photo: mayor of Braddock, PA Oct/2010

Published Photo: Malcolm Gladwell F5 Expo April/2010

Wikimedia Commons: Iggy Pop

Wikipedia Published: Shepard Fairey

Wikipedia Published: Michael Stipe

Wikipedia Published: Saul Griffith!Tech_by_Kris_Krug.jpg

Wikipedia Published: Jack White of Raconteurs

Wikipedia Published: Datarock Jumping

Wikipedia Published: Liam Finn

Wikipedia Published: Datarock

Wikimedia Commons: Mickey Avalon

Wikipedia Published: Ebony Bones

Photography Published Internet: Sia Wikipedia

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